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Pokemon Go Attack Values Updated

With the new Pokemon available various revisions to their moves, our Pokemon Go Attack Values is updated to the most recent Game_Master file and includes more functionality to make your search easier. Check it out and let us know if there is anything else you would like to see added to …

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Pokemon Go Gym Badge Progress Update

You asked for it, and we responded. Our Pokemon Go Gym Badge Progress Checker now has the ability to track your progress at work towards completing your gym badges. You can even enter notes about each tracked gym! Special thanks to Angela and PlatinumT6 for suggesting and encouraging this upgrade …

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Pokemon Release Availability Added

In addition to tracking the changes to the Game_Master, Battle Calculator is taking action from community requests to track the actual availability of Pokemon. Pokemon Go ‘Pokemon Releases’ quickly provides the latest information on what and when Pokemon became available for capture. This tells you what Pokemon are currently available, …

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