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Pokemon Go Zapdos Day Update

Pokemon Go 180721 Shiny_Zapdos Thunder_Shock

During yesterday’s Zapdos Day, Niantic also released the first legendary Pokemon to have a legacy move; the quick move, Thunder Shock.   Special thanks to /u/MessiahX’s wife for being the first person to post a screen capture publicly. We have immortalized the proof of this ‘holy grail’ (a shiny legendary with …

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Pokemon Go July Community Day Updates

The Pokemon Go July Community Day event featuring Squirtle is now over, and we’ve made our updates. Check out the shiny versions with sunglasses on our Pokemon Go Releases page. The exclusive move for Blastoise, Hydro Cannon, has also been charged on our Pokemon Go Legacy Moves page.

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Pokemon Go Hydro Cannon In GameMaster

It was previously uncovered in the APK, but today Niantic released the Pokemon Go Hydro Cannon in the GameMaster. You can view the addition in the screen capture to the left. We have updated our Pokemon Go Move Attack Values chart to reflect this information for your comparison.

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Pokemon Go Safari Zone Dortmund

Niantic’s latest event, Safari Zone at Dortmund, is currently underway till tomorrow, and so far these are these are the wide varieties of Pokemon already being captured: Shiny Roselia – now confirmed Worldwide Shiny Swablu – D,O,R,T,M,U, and N Unowns Shiny Articuno, regionally if completing Professor Willow’s Global Challenge. We are …

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Pokemon Go Alolan Releases

For those interested in exploring the special (typically higher) stats of Alolan Pokemon, we’ve updated our Pokemon Go Stats content. You can type, “alola” in the ‘Search’ bar to isolate them all, or use the filters or sorting features there as well. Also, you can see the remaining Alolan Pokemon not …

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