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Jurassic World Adds Stygimoloch and Rhizodus

This week Ludia added a Herbivore and a Cave asset to Jurassic World, a Stygimoloch and a Rhizodus. You can compare their stats on our Dinosaur Stats and Aquatic Stats pages.   Thank you to benutrece for being the first person to submit the content.    

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Jurassic World Adds Cerazinosaurus

Today Ludia indirectly released a new Legendary Hybrid, the Cerazinosaurus. This comes following the weekend’s Ceratosaurus tournament which is needed along with the Therizinosaurus to create the strong carnivore hybrid. Check out it’s stats on our Jurassic World Game Stats for Dinos webpage. Special thanks to benutrece for providing the …

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Jurassic World adds Thylacosmilus

Ludia has added a new asset to the Cenozoic park, the Thylacosmilus. Check out it’s base stats and how it compares to other Cenozoic assets here.  Be the first person to submit screen captures of the missing information, and obtain credit.

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