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Pokemon Go July Community Day Updates

The Pokemon Go July Community Day event featuring Squirtle is now over, and we’ve made our updates. Check out the shiny versions with sunglasses on our Pokemon Go Releases page. The exclusive move for Blastoise, Hydro Cannon, has also been charged on our Pokemon Go Legacy Moves page.

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Pokemon Go May Community Day Updates

Another Community Day has now concluded for Pokemon Go, and we already updated the following content:     Legacy Moves : ‘Blast Burn’ for Charizard Pokemon Releases: Shiny Charmander and Charizard Special congratulations to /u/JorgeEvil and /u/rage1212 for being the first trainers to submit screen captures confirming the shiny releases.

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Pokemon Go Adds New Moves to GameMaster

For the Community Day events going on today, Niantic has added new moves to the Game_Master.     Ball, a weather-related move for Fire types Ice types Rock types Water types And for today’s exclusive Community Day move; Frenzy Plant We will be updating this information in our Legacy Moves …

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