Pokemon Releases Updated With Icons

Pokemon Releases Updated With IconsAfter much work and organization, we are today launching Pokemon icons for our Pokemon Releases webpage.


We have implemented a graphical way to illustrate each released Pokemon that will only add minimal resources when viewing from your favorite browser. With special thanks the ZeChrales for providing the base files, we have converted the raster files to Scalable Vector Graphics. These unique SVG’s range in size from 3 to ~30 kbytes each, and will only load as you request them by scrolling through from your browser.

Please note :

  • If the Pokemon was released as a shiny, we have elected to only show the shiny version.
  • For Unown, we are illustrating all 28 forms (the alphabet, exclamation, and question mark)

Please let us know what you think in the ‘comments’ section below, and let us know if there is anything else that could be added for your experience.

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