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Pokemon Go Move Sets

Use this Pokemon Go Move Sets to quickly determine all the Quick and Special or Charge moves for each Pokemon in this complete and sortable chart.

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ID Pokemon Quick Move 1 Quick Move 2 Special Move 1 Special Move 2 Special Move 3 Special Move 4 Special Move 5 Special Move 6 Special Move 7 Special Move 8 Special Move 9
1 Bulbasaur Vine Whip Tackle Sludge Bomb Seed Bomb Power Whip
2 Ivysaur Razor Leaf Vine Whip Sludge Bomb Solar Beam Power Whip
3 Venusaur Razor Leaf Vine Whip Sludge Bomb Petal Blizzard Solar Beam
4 Charmander Ember Scratch Flame Charge Flame Burst Flamethrower
5 Charmeleon Ember Scratch Fire Punch Flame Burst Flamethrower
6 Charizard Ember Wing Attack Fire Blast Dragon Claw Flamethrower
7 Squirtle Bubble Tackle Aqua Jet Aqua Tail Water Pulse
8 Wartortle Water Gun Bite Aqua Jet Ice Beam Hydro Pump
9 Blastoise Water Gun Bite Flash Cannon Ice Beam Hydro Pump
10 Caterpie Bug Bite Tackle Struggle
11 Metapod Bug Bite Tackle Struggle
12 Butterfree Bug Bite Confusion Bug Buzz Psychic Signal Beam
13 Weedle Bug Bite Poison Sting Struggle
14 Kakuna Bug Bite Poison Sting Struggle
15 Beedrill Bug Bite Poison Jab Sludge Bomb Aerial Ace X-Scissor
16 Pidgey Quick Attack Tackle Twister Aerial Ace Air Cutter
17 Pidgeotto Wing Attack Steel Wing Twister Aerial Ace Air Cutter
18 Pidgeot Wing Attack Steel Wing Hurricane Aerial Ace Air Cutter
19 Rattata Tackle Quick Attack Dig Hyper Fang Body Slam
20 Raticate Bite Quick Attack Dig Hyper Fang Hyper Beam
21 Spearow Peck Quick Attack Aerial Ace Drill Peck Twister
22 Fearow Peck Steel Wing Aerial Ace Drill Run Twister
23 Ekans Poison Sting Acid Wrap Sludge Bomb Gunk Shot
24 Arbok Bite Acid Dark Pulse Sludge Wave Gunk Shot
25 Pikachu Thunder Shock Quick Attack Discharge Thunderbolt Thunder
26 Raichu Thunder Shock Spark Brick Break Thunder Punch Thunder
27 Sandshrew Scratch Mud Shot Dig Rock Slide Rock Tomb
28 Sandslash Metal Claw Mud Shot Earthquake Rock Tomb Bulldoze
29 Nidoran F Bite Poison Sting Poison Fang Body Slam Sludge Bomb
30 Nidorina Bite Poison Sting Poison Fang Dig Sludge Bomb
31 Nidoqueen Poison Jab Bite Earthquake Sludge Wave Stone Edge
32 Nidoran M Peck Poison Sting Horn Attack Body Slam Sludge Bomb
33 Nidorino Poison Jab Poison Sting Horn Attack Dig Sludge Bomb
34 Nidoking Poison Jab Fury Cutter Earthquake Sludge Wave Megahorn
35 Clefairy Pound Zen Headbutt Disarming Voice Body Slam Moonblast
36 Clefable Pound Zen Headbutt Dazzling Gleam Psychic Moonblast
37 Vulpix Quick Attack Ember Body Slam Flamethrower Flame Charge
38 Ninetales Feint Attack Ember Heat Wave Flamethrower Fire Blast
39 Jigglypuff Pound Feint Attack Disarming Voice Body Slam Dazzling Gleam Play Rough
40 Wigglytuff Pound Feint Attack Dazzling Gleam Hyper Beam Play Rough
41 Zubat Quick Attack Bite Poison Fang Air Cutter Sludge Bomb
42 Golbat Wing Attack Bite Poison Fang Air Cutter Ominous Wind
43 Oddish Razor Leaf Acid Seed Bomb Sludge Bomb Moonblast
44 Gloom Razor Leaf Acid Petal Blizzard Sludge Bomb Moonblast
45 Vileplume Razor Leaf Acid Petal Blizzard Solar Beam Moonblast
46 Paras Scratch Bug Bite Cross Poison X-Scissor Seed Bomb
47 Parasect Bug Bite Fury Cutter Cross Poison X-Scissor Solar Beam
48 Venonat Bug Bite Confusion Poison Fang Psybeam Signal Beam
49 Venomoth Bug Bite Confusion Poison Fang Psychic Bug Buzz
50 Diglett Mud Slap Mud Shot Scratch Dig Mud Bomb Rock Tomb
51 Dugtrio Sucker Punch Mud Slap Mud Shot Earthquake Mud Bomb Stone Edge
52 Meowth Scratch Bite Night Slash Dark Pulse Body Slam
53 Persian Scratch Feint Attack Night Slash Power Gem Play Rough
54 Psyduck Water Gun Zen Headbutt Psybeam Aqua Tail Cross Chop
55 Golduck Water Gun Confusion Psychic Hydro Pump Ice Beam
56 Mankey Karate Chop Scratch Cross Chop Low Sweep Brick Break
57 Primeape Low Kick Karate Chop Cross Chop Low Sweep Night Slash
58 Growlithe Ember Bite Flame Wheel Body Slam Flamethrower
59 Arcanine Fire Fang Bite Fire Blast Flamethrower Bulldoze
60 Poliwag Bubble Mud Shot Bubble Beam Mud Bomb Body Slam
61 Poliwhirl Bubble Mud Shot Scald Mud Bomb Bubble Beam
62 Poliwrath Bubble Mud Shot Hydro Pump Submission Ice Punch
63 Abra Zen Headbutt Psyshock Signal Beam Shadow Ball
64 Kadabra Psycho Cut Confusion Psybeam Dazzling Gleam Shadow Ball
65 Alakazam Psycho Cut Confusion Psychic Dazzling Gleam Shadow Ball
66 Machop Low Kick Karate Chop Low Sweep Brick Break Cross Chop
67 Machoke Low Kick Karate Chop Submission Brick Break Cross Chop
68 Machamp Bullet Punch Karate Chop Stone Edge Submission Cross Chop
69 Bellsprout Vine Whip Acid Power Whip Sludge Bomb Wrap
70 Weepinbell Razor Leaf Acid Power Whip Sludge Bomb Seed Bomb
71 Victreebel Razor Leaf Acid Leaf Blade Sludge Bomb Solar Beam
72 Tentacool Bubble Poison Sting Bubble Beam Water Pulse Wrap
73 Tentacruel Acid Poison Jab Hydro Pump Sludge Wave Blizzard
74 Geodude Rock Throw Tackle Rock Slide Rock Tomb Dig
75 Graveler Rock Throw Mud Slap Mud Shot Dig Stone Edge Rock Slide
76 Golem Rock Throw Mud Slap Mud Shot Stone Edge Ancient Power Earthquake
77 Ponyta Tackle Ember Flame Charge Flame Wheel Fire Blast
78 Rapidash Low Kick Ember Fire Blast Drill Run Heat Wave
79 Slowpoke Water Gun Confusion Water Pulse Psyshock Psychic
80 Slowbro Water Gun Confusion Water Pulse Psychic Ice Beam
81 Magnemite Spark Thunder Shock Discharge Magnet Bomb Thunderbolt
82 Magneton Spark Thunder Shock Discharge Magnet Bomb Flash Cannon
83 Farfetch’d Cut Fury Cutter Aerial Ace Air Cutter Leaf Blade
84 Doduo Peck Quick Attack Drill Peck Aerial Ace Swift
85 Dodrio Feint Attack Steel Wing Drill Peck Aerial Ace Air Cutter
86 Seel Ice Shard Lick Water Gun Aqua Jet Icy Wind Aqua Tail
87 Dewgong Frost Breath Ice Shard Icy Wind Aqua Jet Blizzard
88 Grimer Poison Jab Acid Mud Slap Sludge Mud Bomb Sludge Bomb
89 Muk Lick Acid Poison Jab Dark Pulse Gunk Shot Sludge Wave
90 Shellder Ice Shard Tackle Bubble Beam Water Pulse Icy Wind
91 Cloyster Frost Breath Ice Shard Icy Wind Hydro Pump Blizzard
92 Gastly Lick Sucker Punch Ominous Wind Dark Pulse Sludge Bomb
93 Haunter Shadow Claw Lick Shadow Ball Dark Pulse Sludge Bomb
94 Gengar Sucker Punch Shadow Claw Shadow Ball Dark Pulse Sludge Bomb Sludge Wave
95 Onix Rock Throw Tackle Rock Slide Stone Edge Iron Head
96 Drowzee Pound Confusion Psybeam Psyshock Psychic
97 Hypno Zen Headbutt Confusion Psyshock Psychic Shadow Ball
98 Krabby Bubble Mud Shot Vice Grip Bubble Beam Water Pulse
99 Kingler Metal Claw Mud Shot Vice Grip X-Scissor Water Pulse
100 Voltorb Spark Tackle Discharge Thunderbolt Signal Beam
101 Electrode Spark Tackle Discharge Thunderbolt Hyper Beam
102 Exeggcute Confusion Seed Bomb Psychic Ancient Power
103 Exeggutor Confusion Zen Headbutt Seed Bomb Psychic Solar Beam
104 Cubone Mud Slap Rock Smash Bone Club Dig Bulldoze
105 Marowak Mud Slap Rock Smash Bone Club Dig Earthquake
106 Hitmonlee Low Kick Rock Smash Brick Break Stomp Low Sweep Stone Edge
107 Hitmonchan Bullet Punch Rock Smash Fire Punch Ice Punch Thunder Punch Brick Break
108 Lickitung Lick Zen Headbutt Hyper Beam Stomp Power Whip
109 Koffing Acid Tackle Sludge Sludge Bomb Dark Pulse
110 Weezing Acid Tackle Sludge Bomb Shadow Ball Dark Pulse
111 Rhyhorn Mud Slap Rock Smash Bulldoze Horn Attack Stomp
112 Rhydon Mud Slap Rock Smash Megahorn Earthquake Stone Edge
113 Chansey Pound Zen Headbutt Psychic Hyper Beam Psybeam Dazzling Gleam
114 Tangela Vine Whip Power Whip Sludge Bomb Solar Beam
115 Kangaskhan Mud Slap Low Kick Brick Break Earthquake Stomp
116 Horsea Water Gun Bubble Bubble Beam Dragon Pulse Flash Cannon
117 Seadra Water Gun Dragon Breath Blizzard Dragon Pulse Hydro Pump
118 Goldeen Peck Mud Shot Water Pulse Horn Attack Aqua Tail
119 Seaking Peck Poison Jab Icy Wind Drill Run Megahorn
120 Staryu Tackle Quick Attack Water Gun Swift Bubble Beam Power Gem
121 Starmie Tackle Quick Attack Water Gun Hydro Pump Power Gem Psychic Psybeam
122 Mr. Mime Confusion Zen Headbutt Psybeam Psychic Shadow Ball
123 Scyther Fury Cutter Steel Wing Night Slash X-Scissor Bug Buzz
124 Jynx Frost Breath Pound Draining Kiss Ice Punch Psyshock
125 Electabuzz Thunder Shock Low Kick Thunder Punch Thunderbolt Thunder
126 Magmar Ember Karate Chop Fire Blast Fire Punch Flamethrower
127 Pinsir Rock Smash Fury Cutter Vice Grip X-Scissor Submission
128 Tauros Tackle Zen Headbutt Horn Attack Iron Head Earthquake
129 Magikarp Splash Struggle
130 Gyarados Dragon Breath Bite Hydro Pump Twister Dragon Pulse
131 Lapras Frost Breath Ice Shard Dragon Pulse Ice Beam Blizzard
132 Ditto Pound Struggle
133 Eevee Quick Attack Tackle Dig Swift Body Slam
134 Vaporeon Water Gun Water Pulse Hydro Pump Aqua Tail
135 Jolteon Thunder Shock Discharge Thunderbolt Thunder
136 Flareon Ember Fire Blast Flamethrower Heat Wave
137 Porygon Zen Headbutt Quick Attack Tackle Psybeam Signal Beam Discharge
138 Omanyte Water Gun Mud Shot Ancient Power Brine Rock Tomb
139 Omastar Mud Shot Rock Throw Water Gun Ancient Power Hydro Pump Rock Slide
140 Kabuto Scratch Mud Shot Ancient Power Aqua Jet Rock Tomb
141 Kabutops Mud Shot Fury Cutter Ancient Power Water Pulse Stone Edge
142 Aerodactyl Steel Wing Bite Ancient Power Iron Head Hyper Beam
143 Snorlax Zen Headbutt Lick Body Slam Hyper Beam Earthquake
144 Articuno Frost Breath Ice Beam Icy Wind Blizzard
145 Zapdos Thunder Shock Discharge Thunderbolt Thunder
146 Moltres Ember Fire Blast Heat Wave Flamethrower
147 Dratini Dragon Breath Wrap Twister Aqua Tail
148 Dragonair Dragon Breath Wrap Aqua Tail Dragon Pulse
149 Dragonite Dragon Breath Steel Wing Dragon Pulse Hyper Beam Dragon Claw
150 Mewtwo Psycho Cut Confusion Psychic Shadow Ball Hyper Beam
151 Mew Pound Blizzard Hurricane Earthquake Psychic Dragon Pulse Thunder Moonblast Fire Blast Solar Beam Hyper Beam

Pokemon Go Move Sets
Game : Pokémon Go
Game Developer : Niantic
Game Publisher : Niantic

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