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Pokemon Go Legacy Moves

Pokemon Go Legacy Moves is an information chart displaying the move(s) a captured Pokemon had until a specific date. Following that date, the newly captured Pokemon will have the new moves associated with it. Refer to Process described below to learn about the thorough steps taken to provide this information.

  • Date = (YY-MM-DD) the day of the observed changed, Pokemon must be captured prior
  • Qck = Quick Move
  • Cin = Cinematic Move (aka ‘Charge’ or ‘Special’)

Last modified at 2018-07-09 08:34:14
UPDATE: Pokemon Go July Community Day Updates

IDGEN NameCin 18-07-08Qck 18-06-16Cin 18-05-19Cin 18-04-15Cin 18-03-25Cin 18-02-24Cin 18-01-20Qck 18-01-12Qck 17-12-21Qck 17-12-11Cin 17-12-11Qck 17-12-10Qck 17-02-18Cin 17-02-18Qck 17-01-08Qck 16-08-19Cin 16-08-19Credits
31Pokemon Go VENUSAUR Legacy MovesVENUSAURFrenzy Plant
51Pokemon Go CHARMELEON Legacy MovesCHARMELEONScratch
61Pokemon Go CHARIZARD Legacy MovesCHARIZARDBlast BurnEmber, Wing AttackFlamethrower
121Pokemon Go BUTTERFREE Legacy MovesBUTTERFREEBug Bite
151Pokemon Go BEEDRILL Legacy MovesBEEDRILLBug Bite
181Pokemon Go PIDGEOT Legacy MovesPIDGEOTWing AttackAir Cutter
211Pokemon Go SPEAROW Legacy MovesSPEAROWTwister
221Pokemon Go FEAROW Legacy MovesFEAROWTwister
231Pokemon Go EKANS Legacy MovesEKANSGunk Shot/u/b4y4rd
251Pokemon Go PIKACHU Legacy MovesPIKACHUSurfPresentThunder/u/TheDefected
261Pokemon Go RAICHU Legacy MovesRAICHUThunder ShockThunder
271Pokemon Go SANDSHREW Legacy MovesSANDSHREWRock Tomb
341Pokemon Go NIDOKING Legacy MovesNIDOKINGFury Cutter
361Pokemon Go CLEFABLE Legacy MovesCLEFABLEPound
381Pokemon Go NINETALES Legacy MovesNINETALESEmberFlamethrower, Fire Blast
391Pokemon Go JIGGLYPUFF Legacy MovesJIGGLYPUFFBody SlamPlay RoughTSR
411Pokemon Go ZUBAT Legacy MovesZUBATSludge Bomb
421Pokemon Go GOLBAT Legacy MovesGOLBATOminous Wind/u/b4y4rd
471Pokemon Go PARASECT Legacy MovesPARASECTBug Bite
491Pokemon Go VENOMOTH Legacy MovesVENOMOTHBug BitePoison Fang
501Pokemon Go DIGLETT Legacy MovesDIGLETTMud ShotTSR
511Pokemon Go DUGTRIO Legacy MovesDUGTRIOMud ShotTSR
521Pokemon Go MEOWTH Legacy MovesMEOWTHBody Slam
531Pokemon Go PERSIAN Legacy MovesPERSIANNight Slash
571Pokemon Go PRIMEAPE Legacy MovesPRIMEAPEKarate ChopCross Chop
591Pokemon Go ARCANINE Legacy MovesARCANINEBiteFlamethrower, Bulldoze
611Pokemon Go POLIWHIRL Legacy MovesPOLIWHIRLScald
621Pokemon Go POLIWRATH Legacy MovesPOLIWRATHMud ShotSubmission
651Pokemon Go ALAKAZAM Legacy MovesALAKAZAMPsychic, Dazzling Gleam
661Pokemon Go MACHOP Legacy MovesMACHOPLow Kick
671Pokemon Go MACHOKE Legacy MovesMACHOKECross Chop
681Pokemon Go MACHAMP Legacy MovesMACHAMPKarate ChopStone Edge, Submission, Cross Chop
701Pokemon Go WEEPINBELL Legacy MovesWEEPINBELLRazor Leaf
751Pokemon Go GRAVELER Legacy MovesGRAVELERRock SlideMud ShotTSR
761Pokemon Go GOLEM Legacy MovesGOLEMAncient PowerMud ShotTSR
771Pokemon Go PONYTA Legacy MovesPONYTAFire Blast
781Pokemon Go RAPIDASH Legacy MovesRAPIDASHEmber
821Pokemon Go MAGNETON Legacy MovesMAGNETONThunder ShockDischarge
831Pokemon Go FARFETCHD Legacy MovesFARFETCHDCut
841Pokemon Go DODUO Legacy MovesDODUOSwift
851Pokemon Go DODRIO Legacy MovesDODRIOAir Cutter
861Pokemon Go SEEL Legacy MovesSEELAqua JetWater GunTSR
871Pokemon Go DEWGONG Legacy MovesDEWGONGIce ShardIcy Wind, Aqua Jet
881Pokemon Go GRIMER Legacy MovesGRIMERAcidTSR
891Pokemon Go MUK Legacy MovesMUKLickAcidTSR
911Pokemon Go CLOYSTER Legacy MovesCLOYSTERIcy Wind, Blizzard
921Pokemon Go GASTLY Legacy MovesGASTLYSucker PunchOminous Wind
931Pokemon Go HAUNTER Legacy MovesHAUNTERLickShadow Ball
941Pokemon Go GENGAR Legacy MovesGENGARShadow ClawDark PulseSludge WaveTSR
951Pokemon Go ONIX Legacy MovesONIXRock Slide, Iron Head
971Pokemon Go HYPNO Legacy MovesHYPNOPsyshock, Shadow Ball
991Pokemon Go KINGLER Legacy MovesKINGLERMud Shot/u/b4y4rd
1001Pokemon Go VOLTORB Legacy MovesVOLTORBSignal Beam
1011Pokemon Go ELECTRODE Legacy MovesELECTRODETackle
1031Pokemon Go EXEGGUTOR Legacy MovesEXEGGUTORConfusion, Zen Headbutt
1061Pokemon Go HITMONLEE Legacy MovesHITMONLEEBrick Break
1071Pokemon Go HITMONCHAN Legacy MovesHITMONCHANRock SmashBrick Break
1091Pokemon Go KOFFING Legacy MovesKOFFINGAcidTSR
1101Pokemon Go WEEZING Legacy MovesWEEZINGAcidTSR
1121Pokemon Go RHYDON Legacy MovesRHYDONMegahorn
1131Pokemon Go CHANSEY Legacy MovesCHANSEYPsybeamTSR
1141Pokemon Go TANGELA Legacy MovesTANGELAPower Whip
1151Pokemon Go KANGASKHAN Legacy MovesKANGASKHANBrick Break, Stomp
1171Pokemon Go SEADRA Legacy MovesSEADRABlizzard
1191Pokemon Go SEAKING Legacy MovesSEAKINGPoison JabIcy Wind, Drill Run
1201Pokemon Go STARYU Legacy MovesSTARYUQuick AttackTSR
1211Pokemon Go STARMIE Legacy MovesSTARMIETackleQuick AttackPsybeamTSR
1231Pokemon Go SCYTHER Legacy MovesSCYTHERSteel WingBug Buzz
1241Pokemon Go JYNX Legacy MovesJYNXPoundIce Punch
1271Pokemon Go PINSIR Legacy MovesPINSIRFury CutterSubmission
1301Pokemon Go GYARADOS Legacy MovesGYARADOSDragon TailTwister, Dragon PulseDragon BreathTSR
1311Pokemon Go LAPRAS Legacy MovesLAPRASIce BeamIce ShardDragon Pulse
1321Pokemon Go DITTO Legacy MovesDITTOPound
1331Pokemon Go EEVEE Legacy MovesEEVEEBody Slam
1361Pokemon Go FLAREON Legacy MovesFLAREONHeat Wave
1371Pokemon Go PORYGON Legacy MovesPORYGONZen Headbutt, TacklePsybeam, Signal Beam, DischargeQuick AttackTSR
1381Pokemon Go OMANYTE Legacy MovesOMANYTEBrine, Rock Tomb
1391Pokemon Go OMASTAR Legacy MovesOMASTARRock SlideRock Throw/u/LegoGunnar13, /u/b4y4rd
1411Pokemon Go KABUTOPS Legacy MovesKABUTOPSFury Cutter
1431Pokemon Go SNORLAX Legacy MovesSNORLAXBody Slam
1491Pokemon Go DRAGONITE Legacy MovesDRAGONITEDraco MeteorDragon BreathDragon Pulse, Dragon Claw
1602Pokemon Go FERALIGATR Legacy MovesFERALIGATRWater Gun
1722Pokemon Go PICHU Legacy MovesPICHUQuick Attack/u/FentEmAll
1732Pokemon Go CLEFFA Legacy MovesCLEFFABody Slam, Psychic/u/FentEmAll
1742Pokemon Go IGGLYBUFF Legacy MovesIGGLYBUFFBody Slam/u/FentEmAll
1752Pokemon Go TOGEPI Legacy MovesTOGEPIZen Headbutt/u/FentEmAll
1762Pokemon Go TOGETIC Legacy MovesTOGETICZen Headbutt, Steel Wing/u/FentEmAll
1812Pokemon Go AMPHAROS Legacy MovesAMPHAROSDragon Pulse/u/DA_Knuppel
1862Pokemon Go POLITOED Legacy MovesPOLITOEDEarthquake
2252Pokemon Go DELIBIRD Legacy MovesDELIBIRDIce ShardQuick Attack/u/FentEmAll
2302Pokemon Go KINGDRA Legacy MovesKINGDRAWater Gun
2382Pokemon Go SMOOCHUM Legacy MovesSMOOCHUMFrost Breath/u/FentEmAll
2392Pokemon Go ELEKID Legacy MovesELEKIDThunderbolt/u/FentEmAll
2402Pokemon Go MAGBY Legacy MovesMAGBYFlamethrower/u/FentEmAll
2482Pokemon Go TYRANITAR Legacy MovesTYRANITARSmack Down
2573Pokemon Go BLAZIKEN Legacy MovesBLAZIKENStone Edge/u/Jonkins999
Note: Moves released for special events server-side are also included. (eg. Pikachu – Surf, 18-01-20)

Process Used:

  1. Sourced and verified Game_Master (GM) files dating back to the release of the game
  2. Extract Quick and Cinematic ‘move’ data for each Pokemon
  3. Compile discovered move changes amongst adjacent GMs
  4. Verify discovered changes with release dates of Pokemon (eg. Zapdos-Thunder Shock & Discharge on 17-02-21)
  5. Research server-side information from the community to determine whether the move was available to the Pokemon (eg. Delibird-Ice Shard on 18-01-04)
  6. Canvas the community and acknowledge the first screencap submittor of a Community Day event move.
  7. Publish results

If you have information to contribute, please submit it to us in the comments below and we will provide you with Battle Credits.

Pokémon and all respective names are trademark & the copyright of Nintendo 1996-2018
Pokémon GO is trademark and copyright of Niantic, Inc.
Battle Calculator is not affiliated with Niantic Inc., The Pokemon Company, or Nintendo.
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  1. The Chansey cinematic move Psybeam was removed on August 19, 2016, replaced with Hyper Beam.

    • Thank you Jame for mentioning this. We’ve already referenced this legacy move, but to see it you have to scroll all the way to the right of the table (or use the ‘column visibility’ option to turn off the columns you don’t want to see.)