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Pokemon Go Move Sets Updated

With the new Pokemon available various revisions to their moves, our Pokemon Go Move Sets is updated and includes more functionality to make your search easier. Check it out and let us know if there is anything else you would like to see added to the chart.

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Pokemon Go Adds New Moves to GameMaster

For the Community Day events going on today, Niantic has added new moves to the Game_Master.     Ball, a weather-related move for Fire types Ice types Rock types Water types And for today’s exclusive Community Day move; Frenzy Plant We will be updating this information in our Legacy Moves …

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Jurassic World Adds Pachygalosaurus

Today Ludia added another asset to the main park in Jurassic World; the Pachygalosaurus. This Legendary hybrid combines the Pachyrhinosaurus and Megalosaurus to create the strongest attacking carnivore yet!   Check out it’s fiercesome stats on our Dino Creature Statistics page.

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