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Jurassic World New Cenozoic Creatures!

Today, Ludia has released 7 new Cenozoic Creatures! Andrewsarchus Elasmotherium Entelodon Indricotherium Phorusrhacos Sarkastodon Smilodon. Check out their main stats here!

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New Tool! Jurassic World DNA Calculator

Battle Calculator and Jurassic World Stats are pleased to present a DNA Calculator that quickly determines how much DNA you will need to evolve any given Asset. Check it out here.

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Einiosaurus, Yutyrannus, Zalmoxes, Umoonasaurus Added!

Thanks to your submissions, we’ve now placed the Einiosaurus, Yutyrannus, Zalmoxes, Umoonasaurus Added! to our charts. Check out the new dino assets here. Check out the new aquatic assets here.

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Complete Beast Stats and Info for FF15

Special thanks to all those that contributed to the most comprehensive Beasts Stats and Info out there. Errors found in the manual have been fixed, and this also includes the Crown Updates. Enjoy the sortable and filter-able chart. We’ll be adding Daemons and Imperial Forces soon after we gather and …

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Final Fantasy 15 Recipes Added!

Battle Calculator is happy to post a comprehensive list of meals listing ingredients, effects, costs, availability, and location of ingredients helping you gain skill points efficiently. This list also includes the additional ‘Crown Update’ recipes. Check it out Here: https://battlecalculator.com/final-fantasy-xv/final-fantasy-xv-recipes Special thanks to /u/Ihstkenuty and for being significant contributors (again). Reply on …

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