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Final Fantasy 15 Restaurant Meals Added!

After receiving several requests and assembling the information, we now have a comprehensive list of all Restaurant Meals and related stats including location. Check it out here We’ll be adding a chart for ‘cooked meals’ in the near future. Msg us if you would like to contribute.

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Pokemon Go Max CP Chart w/ Lv30 and Improved Functionality

There’s been recent discussions on the value of powering your mon past 30, and we’ve also received requests in posting Lv30 values. We’ve now added that for your use here: https://battlecalculator.com/pokemon-go/pokemon-go-max-cp-hp Also, we’ve improved the functionality by allowing you to select various filtering parameters (Type, Hatch Distance, Buddy Distance, Class, …

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Final Fantasy XV Fishing Guide Added!

Special thanks to the information provided by the community and the CrownUpdate 1.02, we’re please to post our Fishing Guide. Check it out here: https://battlecalculator.com/final-fantasy-xv/final-fantasy-xv-fishing-guide

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Jurassic World Dolichorhynchops Onchopristis Added

Thanks to your continued support, we’re the first again with the latest information on 2 more assets; the Dolichorhynchops and Onchopristis lv.40 stats have now been added. Check it out here:¬†Jurassic World Aquatic Creature Statistics (animalman57 was the first person with the info, submitted on Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at …

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FFXV Monsters Item Drops Added!

You requested it, and FFXV Monsters Item Drops added to the host of other information. Special thanks to /u/levitupper for assembling a chart listing the monsters, and what they drop. Check it out here: https://battlecalculator.com/final-fantasy-xv/final-fantasy-xv-monsters-item-drops Message us if you have any additional information not already there.

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