Jurassic World DNA Calculator

The Jurassic World DNA Calculator is a tool that quickly determines how much DNA you will need to evolve any given Asset.

This was a joint effort with Jurassic World Stats.
Without their efforts, this would not have been possible.

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Updated April 19, 2017. (Corrected:Smilodon. Added:Indricotherium, Erliphosaurus, Tapejalosaurus )

Creature Purchase Costs
Number of creatures you still need
Creature Purchase Price (each)
Your remaining creature costs
DNA Cost for a Level 20 evolution
DNA Cost for a level 30 evolution
DNA Cost for a level 40 evolution
Your adjusted DNA cost to finish a level 40 evolution:

Jurassic World DNA Calculator

Game : Jurassic World
Game Developer : Ludia

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