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Jurassic World Cenozoic Creature Statistics

Jurassic World Cenozoic Creature Statistics provides a complete list of assets (Snows, Savanahs, and Caverns) in the game and their stats.

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Glacier AssetClassTypeAcquisitionDNA CostHatchery TimeLvl 40 HealthLvl 40 AttackCooldown TimeMax RevenueMax Revenue/HourCredit
ElasmotheriumSAVANAHSuper Rare103439596769/12H8064.1
PhorusrhacosSAVANAHSuper Rare68950396769/12H8064.1
SmilodonSNOWSuper Rare80446796769/12H8064.1
Woolly MammothSNOWLegendarySpecial Event10000167H00M(6D23H)55061272403200/12H33600Jeff Brixton, Zapperon

Jurassic World Cenozoic Creature Statistics

Game : Jurassic World
Game Developer : Ludia

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  1. Wolly Mammut DNA costs = 10.000

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