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Jurassic World Cenozoic Creature Statistics

Jurassic World Cenozoic Creature Statistics provides a complete list of assets (Caverns, Savanahs, and Snows) in the game and their stats.

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Last modified at 2017-11-26 08:29:43
Update: Titanoboa stats completed!

Glacier AssetClassTypeAcquisitionDNA CostHatchery TimeLvl 40 HealthLvl 40 AttackCooldown TimeMax RevenueMax Revenue/HourCredit
AmphicyonCAVERNRareCenozoic Pack, Amphicyon Pack750003H32M37324248385/12H4032.1JW Stats, KieferTEC
AndrewsarchusCAVERNRareCenozoic Pack, Andrewsarchus Pack800004H49M50326201H15M56448/12H4704J.Beaver
DoedicurusCAVERNSuper RareCenozoic Pack, Deodicurus Pack2000008H49M780259152410/12H12700.8KieferTEC, Roknic
EremotheriumCAVERNSuper RareCenozoic Pack, Eremotherium Pack2000019H49M114935996769/12H8064.1BC-Max
GlyptodonCAVERNRare804168Shu Kurenai
HyaenodonCAVERNLegendaryVIP4213131719H53M354816/12H29568BC-Max, Shu Kurenai
MegatheriumCAVERNLegendaryCenozoic Pack, Megatherium Pack5000116H00M(4D20H)1915599161280/12H13440JW Stats, KieferTEC
TitanoboaCAVERNLegendaryTournament, Special Event11150167H00M(6D23H)4057140119H08M359655/12H29971.25Andrade
ArchaeotheriumSAVANAHRareCenozoic Pack, Archaeotherium Pack007H16M68621401H42M86689/12H7224.1BC-Max, pleasereturnto
ElasmotheriumSAVANAHSuper RareCenozoic Pack, Elasmotherium Pack2000019H49M103439503H26M96769/12H8064.1KieferTEC, JW Stats
EntelodonSAVANAHRareCenozoic Pack, Entelodon Pack800004H49M53625101H20M56448/12H4704KieferTEC, JW Stats
IndricotheriumSAVANAHLegendaryCenozoic Pack, Indricotherium Pack5000116H00M(4D20H)239444911H18M161280/12H13440JW Stats, KieferTEC
PhorusrhacosSAVANAHSuper RareCenozoic Pack, Phorusrhacos Pack2000019H49M68950302H17M96769/12H8064.1JW Stats, KieferTEC
DeinotheriumSNOWLegendaryCenozoic Pack4500094H(3D22H)143644901H12M181440/12H15120Ace_DragoonV2, S_Distrix
MegalocerosSNOWRareCenozoic Pack, Megaloceros Pack800004H49M60323056448/12H4704JW Stats, KieferTEC
Marsupial LionSNOWLegendaryCenozoic Pack, Marsupial Lion Pack5000116H00M(4D20H)105386801H12M161280/12H13440JW Stats, KieferTEC, S_Distrix
SarkastodonSNOWRareCenozoic Pack, Sarkastodon Pack750003H32M48820601H13M48385/12H4032.1JW Stats
SmilodonSNOWSuper RareCenozoic Pack, Smilodon Pack2000019H49M80446702H40M96769/12H8064.1KieferTEC
SynthetocerasSNOWSuper RareCenozoic Pack2200022H33M81725500H50M154829/12H12902.416666667S_Distrix
Woolly MammothSNOWLegendaryTournament, Special Event10000167H00M(6D23H)5506127225H00M403200/12H33600Jeff Brixton, Zapperon, JW Stats

Jurassic World Cenozoic Creature Statistics

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Game Developer : Ludia

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  1. Wolly Mammut DNA costs = 10.000

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