Jurassic World Alive rel1.3.13 Stat Changes

Today Ludia released an update to Jurassic World Alive which includes further balancing the stats of 12 dinosaurs:

  1. Allosaurus
  2. Argentinosaurus
  3. Dimetrodon
  4. Dimetrodon Gen 2
  5. Gorgosaurus
  6. Gorgosuchus
  7. Irritator
  8. Irritator Gen 2
  9. Kaprosuchus
  10. Postosuchus
  11. Secodontosaurus
  12. Tarbosaus

You can view these changes from the above image.  The green and red arrows indicate the change, and the grey number represents the amount of change from rel. 1.3.11

  • hp = Health
  • miap/maap = Damage
  • s = speed

We’ve updated these stats on the Jurassic World Alive Dinosaur List page for your use. We will be confirming if any moves have changed shortly.





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