Final Fantasy XV Recipes

Final Fantasy XV Recipes is a complete list of meals listing ingredients, effects, costs, availability, and location of ingredients helping you gain skill points efficiently.

Special thanks goes to /u/Ihstkenuty for contributing much of the information.

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Last modified on 2017-01-02 21:27:00 and includes the additional Crown Update Recipes and Equalizer Dishes

Ace Hunter's Schnitzel120400 Bulette Shank, Leiden Potato, Cleigne WheatRead Orienteering Checkpoint C located on the door of a shack across the street from Coernix Station (Cauthess)Ihstkenuty
Anointed Allural Sea Bass2001000150Allural Sea Bass Fillet, Wild OnionObtain Allural Sea Bass Fillet by fishing Allural Sea BassIhstkenuty
Battered Barramundi100500 Barramundi Fillet, Leiden PotatoRead Orienteering Checkpoint F, a few steps to the south of the arms vendor at Galdin QuayIhstkenuty
Beanball Croquettes500 Prevents most status ailmentsChocobean, Cleigne Wheat, Schier TurmericRead Orienteering Checkpoint D from a poster at Furloch FarmsIhstkenuty
Blazing Braised Gizzard 300HP Recovery Rate x1.5Sahagin Liver, Kettier Ginger, Sweet PepperObtain Kettier Ginger from a Food Spot in CleigneIhstkenuty
Breaded Cutlet with TomatoIgnis5060250Anak Meat, Lucian TomatoCooking skill Lv. 4Ihstkenuty
Broiled King-on-a-Stick3001500 Immunity to most status ailmentsKing Trout Fillet, Leiden PepperObtain King Trout Fillet by fishing King TroutIhstkenuty
Burly Bean Bowl40300 Chocobean, Lucian Tomato, Sweet PepperPurchase Chili con Carne at Takka’s Pit Stop (Hammerhead)Ihstkenuty
Cannedwich100300 LuncheonMeat, Cleigne WheatObserve a woman eating a Cannedwich next to the dart board and radio at Prairie Outpost after reaching Chapter 3Ihstkenuty
Carp of the Diem1001500 Immune to PoisonLucian Carp Fillet, Kettier GingerObtain Lucian Carp Fillet by fishing Lucian CarpIhstkenuty
Charcuterie on Toast80200 Fine Gighee HamAcquire Fine Gighee HamIhstkenuty
Chilled Food Tin130100Default (Chapter 10)Ihstkenuty
Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry100 HP Recovery Rate x1.5Birdbeast Egg, Lucian TomatoRead Orienteering Checkpoint G, a few steps to the south of the motel in the Longwythe Rest AreaIhstkenuty
Creamy Bisque160 HP Recovery Rate x2Karlabos Claw, Wild Onion, Leiden PepperObtain a Karlabos Claw by defeating a KarlabosIhstkenuty
Creamy Crustacean Omelette100400100Shieldshears Claw, Birdbeast Egg, Eos Green PeasObtain a Shieldshears ClawIhstkenuty
Creamy Fowl Sauté6080400 Poisonproof:Prevents poisonDaggerquill Breast *, Sheep Milk, FunguarCooking skill Lv. 5Ihstkenuty
Creamy Milk Risotto70600 Malmashroom, Saxham Rice, Sheep MilkCooking skill Lv. 8Ihstkenuty
Crispy Cheese Pizza1100 Infinite Stamina, Prevents PoisonPre-order bonusIhstkenuty, Jacien-Visenad
Crispy Fish Fritterwich160800 Zipper Barramundi Fillet, Cleigne WheatAcquire Zipper Barramundi FilletIhstkenuty
Crispy Zu Skewers1002000Zu Tender, Fine Cleigne WheatUnlocked after your first Zu Tender dropIhstkenuty
Croaker in Brown Sauce150600 Immune to ToadGigantoad Steak, Aegir Root, FunguarRead Oric's Culinary Chronicle | Entry 1 at a park bench located at Furloch Farms.Ihstkenuty
Croque Madame4030 Birdbeast Egg, Gighee HamDefaultIhstkenuty
Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings100300100Bulette Shank, Cleigne Wheat, Leiden PepperRead Orienteering Checkpoint B on a wall in the West Leiden TunnelIhstkenuty
Crown City Roast904003000Jabberwock Sirloin, Leiden PepperUnlocked after your first Jabberwock Sirloin dropIhstkenuty
Cup NoodlesPrompto130300Cup NoodlesApproach the Cup Noodles Wagon in LestallumIhstkenuty
Cup Noodles (real taste)Gladiolus180500EXP +20%Cup NoodlesSidequest: The Perfect Cup (Gladiolus)
Darkshells Marinières100 Tech BoostCleigne Darkshell, GarlicAcquire Cleigne DarkshellIhstkenuty
Devilfin Soup200 HP Recovery Rate x2.25Coraldevil Fin, Kettier Ginger, Leiden PepperObtain Coraldevil Fin by fishing CoraldevilIhstkenuty
Dish and Chips300 Leiden PotatoPurchase Kenny’s Fries at any Crow’s Nest DinerIhstkenuty
Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew5080250Garula Sirloin, Leiden Potato, Lucian TomatoUnlocked after your first Garula Sirloin dropIhstkenuty
Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl100600100Shieldshears Claw, Birdbeast Egg, Saxham RicePurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 1 from JMMarket (Old Lestallum)Ihstkenuty
Elegant Orange Cake1000 Duscaen Orange, Fine Cleigne WheatObtain a Duscaen Orange from a Food Spot in DuscaeIhstkenuty
Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout1003502000Platinum Myrltrout Fillet, Allural ShallotCatch a Platinum MyrltroutIhstkenuty
Fire-Sauce Fillet200600200Dank Barramundi Fillet, Kettier Ginger, Sweet PepperRead Orienteering Checkpoint A on the shack door west of Coernix Station – AlstorIhstkenuty
Fisherman’s Favorite RisottoIgnis70120600Hp Recovery Rate x1.25Cleigne Mollusk, Caem Pinkshrimp, Saxham RiceSidequest: Kitty Catering (Cat)
Fishsticks on Sticks1000 Critical Rate +50%Sea Bass Fillet, Cleigne WheatRead Oric's Culinary Chronicle | Entry 4 on a bench to the north of the Arms Vendor at Galdin QuayIhstkenuty
Flame-Roasted Toast110DefaultIhstkenuty
Fluffy Chiffon CakeIgnis601000 Defense +200, Spirit +200Leiden Sweet Potato, Cleigne WheatCooking skill Lv. 6Ihstkenuty
Free-Range Fowl over Rice100500 HP Recovery Rate x1.25Basilisk Breast, Saxham RiceObtain a Basilisk Breast by defeating a BasiliskIhstkenuty
Fried Frontier Skewer500 Critical Rate +30%Bulette Shank, Cleigne WheatAcquire a Bulette Shank after defeating a BuletteIhstkenuty
Fried Rookie on Rice100400 Immune to PoisonBirdbeast Egg, Saxham Rice, Sweet PepperRead Oric's Culinary Chronicle | Entry 2 located on a red and white checkboard table in Lestallum. The table is across from the Cup Noodle truck, towards the city.Ihstkenuty
Fried Tide Grouper500 Tide Grouper Fillet, GarlicObtain Tide Grouper Fillet by fishing Tide GrouperIhstkenuty
Garden Curry80500 Fire Resistance +50Leiden Potato, Schier Turmeric, Saxham RiceObtain Schier Turmeric from a Food SpotIhstkenuty
Garulessandwich120600 Garulessa Steak, Cleigne WheatAcquire Cleigne WheatIhstkenuty
Golden Tail Soup90100% Critical Rate, HP Recovery Rate x2.5Kujata Marrow, Platinum Myrltrout Fillet, Allural ShallotCooking skill Lv. 10BC-jon, Cheffy3166
Golden Egg Galette120400 Birdbeast Egg, Fine Gighee Ham, Cleigne WheatRead Orienteering Checkpoint E found on a signpost as you walk up the path from the road to the Cape Caem lighthouseIhstkenuty
Grease Monkey’s Schnitzel SandwichNoctis5080200Garula Sirloin, Cleigne WheatEat “Hamerhead Hot Sandwich” at HammerheadIhstkenuty
Green Soup Curry160800 Fire Resistance +70Chickatrice Leg, Allural Shallot, Sweet PepperObtain an Allural Shallot from a Food SpotIhstkenuty
Grilled Mighty Barramundi Immune to Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage, and to most status ailmentsMighty Barramundi Fillet, Kettier GingerObtain Mighty Barramundi Fillet by fishing Mighty Barramundi
Grilled Wild BarramundiNoctis608050080Barramundi Fillet, Schier TurmericCatch a Crag BarramundiIhstkenuty
Grilled Wild Trevally70100 Trevally Fillet, Leiden PepperAcquire Trevally FilletIhstkenuty
Hearty Cutlet on Rice902501500Girffon Breast, Fine Cleigne Wheat, Saxham RiceUnlocked when you see the corresponding magazine cover (under the road bridge directly south of the Vesperpool)Ihstkenuty
HorntoothMeat Pie160600160Garulessa Steak, Dualhorn Steak, Cleigne WheatObserve a woman eating HorntoothMeat Pie outside Parvinath General Store atMeldacio Hunter HQ
Hot Hopper Skewers Equalizer: Increases damage dealt based on the level difference between party and enemy, Immune to ToadGigantoad Steak, Garlic, Aegir RootAcquire GarlicIhstkenuty, Haarenfang
Hunters' Krazy Kebabs80200800 Catoblepas Brisket *, Wild OnionEat “Meat & Onion Skewers” at Meldacio Hunter HQIhstkenuty
Karlabos Cream Croquettes2001000 HP Recovery Rate x1.5Karlabos Claw, Cleigne Wheat, Aegir RootPurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 4 from JMMarket (Cape Caem)Ihstkenuty
Kenny's Original Recipe150 Vitality +200Nebula Salmon Fillet, GarlicPurchase Kenny’s Salmon at any Crow’s Nest DinerIhstkenuty
Kenny's Secret Recipe400 300Vitality +300Wennath Salmon Fillet, GarlicPurchase Kenny’s Special Salmon at The Original Crow’s Nest Diner (Old Lestallum)Ihstkenuty
King's Stew904002000Behemoth Tenderloin, Griffon Breast, Kujata MarrowEat “Hunter’s Ragout” at Meldacio Hunter HQIhstkenuty
Lasagna al Forno904000Jabberwock Sirloin, Cleigne Darkshell, Fine Cleigne WheatCooking skill Lv. 9Ihstkenuty
Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper90 Vesper Gar Filler *, Schier Turmeric, Leiden PepperCatch a Vesper GarIhstkenuty
Lestallum Stewed Tripe70 200Sahagin Liver *, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Killer TomatoEat “Offal Stew” in LestallumIhstkenuty
Longwythe's Peak6004000 HP Recovery Rate x3AdamantoiseMeat, Kettier GingerRead Oric's Culinary Chronicle | Entry 8 located on a barrel in the shack west of The Three Valleys parking spotIhstkenuty
Marrowshroom Chowder Guaranteed critical hitsKujataMarrow, Vesproom,MalmashroomPurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 5 from Old Gobunant’s Boat (Altissia)Ihstkenuty
Meat-and-Beet Bouillon100500 Immune to PoisonBulette Shank, Beetroot, Leiden PotatoRead Oric's Culinary Chronicle | Entry 3 located on a box behind the Arms Vendor at Prairie OutpostIhstkenuty
Meldacio Meat PiePrompto70150500150Leukorn Steak, Dualhorn Steak, Cleigne WheatEat “Mama Ezma’s Meat Pie” at Meldacio Hunter HQIhstkenuty
Memory Lane CakeNoctis1000500Leiden Sweet Potato *, Fine Cleigne Wheat, Ulwaat BerriesSidequest: Berried Memories (Coctura)
Moist Tomato Cake1000 Spirit +300Killer Tomato, Fine Cleigne WheatAcquire Killer TomatoIhstkenuty
Mother & Child Rice BowlNoctis701000EXP +30%, Drop Rate +50%Chickatrice Leg *, Birdbeast Egg, Saxham RiceWatch a woman eat this dish on a table near Lestallum’s lookout
Multi-Meat Sandwich100 EXP +20%Daggerquill Breast, Gighee Ham, Aegir RootObtain an Aegir Root from a Food Spot in LeideIhstkenuty
Mystery Meat Sushi50100 Luncheon MeatAcquire Luncheon MeatIhstkenuty
Nebula Salmon Teriyaki90150600150Nebula Salmon Fillet *, Hulldagh NutmegCatch a Nebula SalmonIhstkenuty
Oak-Smoked Devil Gar2000 Immunity to Fire,Ice, and Lightning damageDevil Gar Fillet, Tenebraen OakObtain King Devil Gar Fillet by fishing Spotted Devil GarIhstkenuty
Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish506020050Giant Trevally Fillet, Wild OnionCooking skill Lv. 3Ihstkenuty
Packed Mushroom Stew70200200Alstroom, VesproomUnlocked after collecting your first VesproomIhstkenuty
Paella de Pollo150500 Chickatrice Leg, Saxham RiceRead Oric's Culinary Chronicle | Entry 6 located on stone ruins east of Steyliff Grove, in the VesperpoolIhstkenuty
Papa Bird & Baby Bowl1000 EXP x1.4, Item Drop Rate + 100%Basilisk Breast, Birdbeast Egg, Saxham RiceRe-visit the spot where you learn the recipe for theMother& Child Rice Bowl in Lestallum. Observe a woman eating on a bench near the lookout
Peppery Daggerquill RicePrompto6080250Daggerquill Breast *, Saxham Rice, Leiden PepperEat “Bird-Broth Rice with Curry” in LestallumIhstkenuty
Prairie-Style SkewersGladiolus5040200Anak Meat, Leiden PepperCooking skill Lv. 2Ihstkenuty
Prime Garula Rib500 Unlimited Stamina when sprintingGarulessa Steak, GarlicPurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 2 from Post Kiosk (Wiz Chocobo Post)Ihstkenuty
Quillhorn Soup100 HP Recovery Rate x1.75Daggerquill Breast, Dualhorn Steak, Wild OnionAcquire Wild OnionIhstkenuty
Robust Bean Soup60600 Hp Recovery Rate x1.5, Tech Boost +100%Eos Green Peas *, Leiden Pepper, Killer TomatoCooking skill Lv. 7Ihstkenuty
Roc of Ravatogh Rice3001500 Zu Tender, Saxham RicePurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 7 at Parvinath General Store (Meldacio Hunter HQ)Ihstkenuty
Royal Banquet Canapé120 Prime: Greatly boost all stats and increase Exp Boost 50%Arapaima Roe, Kettier Ginger, Allural ShallotEat “Fine Caviar Canape” in AltissiaIhstkenuty
Royal Road Paella801501000 Cleigne Mollusk, Cleigne Darkshell, Saxham RiceUnlocked when you see the corresponding magazine cover (inside a small wooden building to the east of Coernix Station – Cauthess)Ihstkenuty
Salmon-in-a-Suit120700 Nebula Salmon FilletRead Oric's Culinary Chronicle | Entry 7 at Telghey HavenIhstkenuty
Sea Bass Sauté801500 Sea Bass Fillet *, Tenebraen OakEat “Wood-Smoked Fish” in AltissiaIhstkenuty
Seasoned Midgardsormr903501000Equalizer: Increase damage dealt based on level difference between party and enemyMidgardsormr Shank, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Killer TomatoEast “Spicy Skewers” in LestallumIhstkenuty, Haarenfang
Skewered Wild TroutGladiolus70150800Prevents ToadTrout Fillet, Leiden PepperCatch a Rainbow Trout
Smoked Behemoth904001000Behemoth Tenderloin, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Smoking WoodEat “Smoked Dualhorn Shank” at Verinas Mart – RavatoghIhstkenuty
Spicy Long-Bone Rib SteakPrompto5050200Dualhorn Steak, Leiden PepperUnlocked after your first Dualhorn Steak dropIhstkenuty
Stacked Ham Sandwich60400 EXP +50%Garula Sirloin, Fine Gighee Ham, Aegir Root *Eat “Fat Chocobo Triple-Decker” at Wiz Chocobo PostIhstkenuty
Sweet & Spicy Cygillan Crab100200 Fire Resistance +70Cygillan Crab, Sweet PepperAcquire Cygillan CrabIhstkenuty
Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry120800 Fire Resistance +50Shieldshears Claw, Cygillan Crab, Sweet PepperPurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 6 at VerinasMart – RavatoghIhstkenuty
Taelpar Harvest Galette1000120Spirit +400Duscaen Orange, Fine Cleigne Wheat, SheepMilkPurchase Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 3 at Burbost Souvenir EmporiumIhstkenuty
Thick 'n' Juicy Steak801000 Catoblepas Brisket *, Kettier GingerEat “Sizzling Humongo-Steak” at HammerheadIhstkenuty
Three-Mushroom Kebabs80150800 Alstroom, Vesproom, MalmashroomUnlocked after collecting your fist MalmashroomIhstkenuty
Tide Grouper Carpaccio903001000Tide Grouper Fillet, Aegir Root *Eat “Fettini di Cernia” in AltissiaIhstkenuty
Toadsteak Drumsticks120500100Gigantoad Steak, Leiden PepperObtain a Gigantoad Steak by defeating a GigantoadIhstkenuty
Toasty Rice Balls150DefaultIhstkenuty
Tomalley-Filled Dumplings100300200Shieldshears Claw, Fine Cleigne WheatRead Oric’s Culinary Chronicle Chronicle | Entry 5 located on a bench west of the Crow’s Nest in Old LestallumIhstkenuty
Triple Truffle Risotto400 HP Recovery Rate x1.75, Immune to PoisonFunguar, Alstroom, Saxham RiceObtain an Alstroom from a Food SpotIhstkenuty
Veggie Medley Stew4020150Leiden Potato, Sheep Milk, FunguarDefaultIhstkenuty

Table Legend:
SP = Skill Points
+ST = additional Strength
* = Ingredients can’t be bought

Game : Final Fantasy 15
Game Developer : Square Enix
Game Producer : Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV RecipesEnroute to wed his fiancée Luna on a road trip with his best friends, Prince Noctis is advised by news reports that his homeland has been invaded and taken over under the false pretense of a peace treaty – and that he, his loved one and his father King Regis, have been slain at the hands of the enemy.

To gather the strength needed to uncover the truth and reclaim his homeland, Noctis and his loyal companions must overcome a series of challenges in a spectacular open world – that is filled with larger-than-life creatures, amazing wonders, diverse cultures and treacherous foes.

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