Final Fantasy XV Monsters Item Drops

Final Fantasy XV Monsters Item Drops provides an up to date list that is created by the community for the community. It includes all monsters, locations to find them, their drops and rates for those drops!

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MonsterLocation(s)Item Dropped (Drop Rate)Item Dropped (Drop Rate)Item Dropped (Drop Rate)Item Dropped (Drop Rate)Credit
Anak StagAnak Antlers (50%)Anak Fetlock (75%)levitupper
ArbaArba Spur (25%)Appendage - Giant Curlhorn (10%)levitupper
ArbagadolArba Spur (100%)Giant Curlhorn (100%)levitupper
BasiliskBasilisk Plumage (85%)levitupper
RoyaliskBeautiful Plumage (85%)levitupper
Killer WaspBarbed Scythe (75%)(Dungeon) Sharp Scythe (75%)levitupper
AdamantoiseAdamantite (100%)levitupper
AspidochelonThick Hide (100%)Appendage - Worn Incisor (100%)levitupper
BandersnatchMonster Claw (100%)Appendage - Monster Jaw (75%)levitupper
BloodhornHardened Hoof (100%)levitupper
Ashen HornHardened Hoof (100%)Appendage - Giant Hairy Horn (100%)levitupper
GrandhornHardened Hoof (100%)levitupper
DualhornHardened Hoof (100%)levitupper
BuletteBulette Carapace (100%)Appendage - Shield Spike (75%)levitupper
CockatriceCockatrice Tail Feathers (100%)Appendage - Cockatrice Crest (100%)levitupper
GigantuarJumbo Needle (100%)levitupper
JormungandDrooping Whiskers (100%)(Dungeon) Divine Whiskers (100%)levitupper
KingatriceFine Tail Feathers (100%)(Lvl 83) Magnificent Tail Feathers (100%)Appendage - Fine Crest (100%)(Dungeon) Appendage - Magnificent Crest (100%)levitupper
KujataGiant Hoof (100%)Appendage - Curved Hollowhorn (100%)levitupper
MalboroMalboro Eye (100%)levitupper
ManxornHardened Hide (100%)levitupper
JabberwockHardened Hide (50%)levitupper
Red LegsCentipede Feet (100%)3x Centipede Feet (50%)Appendage - Centipede Teeth (100%)levitupper
SahaginSahagin Scale (100%)levitupper
AlbinoginSahagin Scale (100%)levitupper
SkarnbuletteTough Shell (100%)Appendage - 75% Spiked Armorlevitupper
SlactuarSouth of VesperpoolCactuar Needle (100%)levitupper
Wyvern(Dungeon) Dragon Claw (100%)Wyvern Wing (75%)levitupper
SeadevilSharp Head Fin (20%)(Dungeon) Heavy Scale (80%)levitupper
CoraldevilSharp Head Fin (85%)Heavy Scale (80%)levitupper
GriffonGriffon Feather (25%)Appendage - Griffon Claw (100%)(Dungeon) Appendage - Colorful Griffon Claw (100%)levitupper
MandrakeMandrake Flower (25%)levitupper
MolokujataFearsome Hoof (25%)Appendage - Large Hollowhorn (100%)levitupper
ReapertailScorpion Barb (25%)levitupper
StoneshearsCrab Carapace (25%)levitupper
RubyshearsCrab Carapace (50%levitupper
SparkshearsCrab Carapace (75%)levitupper
SaphyrtailScorpion Stinger (30%)levitupper
Malboro SproutMalboro Vine (5%)levitupper
Malboro BratMalboro Vine (5%)levitupper
AlphaginHard Scale (50%)levitupper
CatoblepasCatoblepas Fang (50%)levitupper
CoeurlCoeurl Whiskers (50%)(Dungeon) Strong Whiskers (50%)levitupper
HavocfangHavocfang Hide (50%)(Lvl 93) Beautiful Hide (50%)levitupper
MegaloclawCrimson Tongue (50%)levitupper
FalxfangCrimson Tongue (50%)levitupper
MidgardsormrGreatsnake Scale (50%)Appendage - Greatsnake Crest (25%)levitupper
HvitrormrGreatsnake Scale (100%)Greatsnake Crest (100%)levitupper
OaggerquillSharp Tail Feathers (50%)levitupper
OynoaevisSharp Tail Feathers (25%)levitupper
ShieldshearsStrong Pincers (50%)Giant Crab Pincers (50%)levitupper
VoretoothVoretooth Bristles (50%)(Lvl 68) Sharp Bristles (50%)(Lvl 72) Sharp Bristles (75%)levitupper
YellowtoothVoretooth Bristles (75%)levitupper
Brutal BeeEnormous Stinger (75%)levitupper
GarulessaGarula Fur (75%)Appendage - Great Garula Tusk (75%)levitupper
HekatontoadSlimy Oil (75%)levitupper
GigantoadSlimy Oil (75%)levitupper
GaiatoadSlimy Oil (100%)Fine Slimy Oil (75%)levitupper
GurangatchRough Scales (75%)levitupper
KarlabosRough Shell (75%)Appendage - Prawn Antennae (100%)levitupper
Killer BeeInsect Stinger (75%)levitupper
Killer QueenDeadly Stinger (75%)levitupper
Soldier WaspBarbed Scythe (75%)levitupper
QuetzalcoatlTranslucent Skin (75%)Appendage - Scarlet Splinterbone (100%)levitupper
MictlantecihuatlTranslucent Skin (100%)Appendage - Rotten Splinterbone (100%)levitupper
ReaperkingBig Scorpion Stinger (75%)levitupper
RegaltriceSmall Beak (75%)(Dungeon) Downy Feathers (75%)levitupper
SpiracornSupple Tail (75%)Appendage - Crooked Helixhorn (75%)levitupper
DuplicornSupple Tail (75%)levitupper
ThunderocThunderoc Feather (75%)levitupper
CopperocThunderoc Feather (75%)levitupper
ZuZu Beak (75%)levitupper
MesmenirHard Whiskers (80%)Appendage - Mesmenir Horn (50%)levitupper
MagnanirHard Whiskers (60%)Mesmenir Horn (100%)levitupper
TreantTreant Branch (80%)levitupper
OuplicornAppendage - Sturdy Helixorn (10%)levitupper
LeukornSturdy Helixhorn (75%)levitupper
HundlegsAppendage - Centipede Jaw (100%)Centipede Legs (100%)3x Centipede Legs (50%)levitupper
Rogue KarlabosAppendage - Prawn Antennae (100%)levitupper
OualhornAppendage - Hairy Horn (100%)Giant Hairy Horn (50%)levitupper
ManxomDragon Horn (100%)levitupper
JabberwockAppendage - Dragon Horn (25%)levitupper
AnaklabanAppendage - Great Anak Antlers (50%)levitupper
AnakadomGreat Anak Antlers (100%)levitupper
MushussuAppendage - Barbed Poison Needle (50%)Scaled Skin (50%)levitupper
MushmahhuBarbed Poison Needle (100%)Scaled Skin (100%)levitupper
SabertuskSabertusk Claw (50%)levitupper
FrekituskSabertusk Claw (100%)levitupper
AlphatuskSabertusk Claw (100%)levitupper
GarulaAppendage - Garula Tusk (100%)levitupper
BehemothAppendage - Behemoth Horn (100%)levitupper
Rogue BehemothAppendage - Behemoth Horn (100%)levitupper
Behemoth KingAppendage - Behemoth Horn (100%)levitupper
Deadeye (Quest)Appendage - Behemoth Horn (100%)levitupper
Behemoth TyrantAppendage - Behemoth Horn (100%)levitupper
MA VelesDynamo (50%)Lasor Sensor (30%)levitupper
MA HoplomachusDynamo (95%)Magnetron (5%)levitupper
GrandhornGiant Hairy Horn (75%)levitupper
MA-X DUXMagitek Core (100%)levitupper
MA-X PatriaMagitek Core (3%)Hydraulic Cylinderlevitupper
MA-X ManipleLasor Sensor (95%)levitupper
SaberclawCurved Fang (25%)levitupper
MightyshearsGiant Crab Pincers (100%)levitupper
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Game Producer : Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV Monsters Item DropsEnroute to wed his fiancée Luna on a road trip with his best friends, Prince Noctis is advised by news reports that his homeland has been invaded and taken over under the false pretense of a peace treaty – and that he, his loved one and his father King Regis, have been slain at the hands of the enemy.

To gather the strength needed to uncover the truth and reclaim his homeland, Noctis and his loyal companions must overcome a series of challenges in a spectacular open world – that is filled with larger-than-life creatures, amazing wonders, diverse cultures and treacherous foes.

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