Final Fantasy XV Fishing Guide

The Battle Calculator Final Fantasy XV Fishing Guide provides an up to date list that is created by the community for the community. It includes all the fish, their stamina, experience, item dropped, power, location, lure to use and more to come!

The information is currently being compiled with help from the community! Please bear with us as we compile all the information, and check out below how you can help.
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Allural Sea Bass9000030200Allural Sea Bass Fillet1.8Galdin ShoalsWhiskers: Pearly Moogleevng, niterainy
Alstor Bass (big)600002445Alstor Bass Bones2Neeglyss Pond(night), Swainsmere(night), Daurell Spring(rain), Rachsia Bridge(rain)Bomber: BombnitesunnyJumbo Tusk: GarulessaevngrainyFatal Roulette: Ahrimandaysunny, cloudy
Alstor Bass (small)300001410Alstor Bass Bones1.2Neeglyss Towerfront, Malacchi Pond, Archaean's MirrorBomber: BombnitesunnyJumbo Tusk: GarulessaevngrainyFatal Roulette: Ahrimandaysunny, cloudy
Amber Lucian Carp71000038600Lucian Carp Rowscales1.9Saxham Reservoir
Argus Salmon1200002880Salmon Fin2.8River Wennath
Barbaric Gar45000038650Gar Fin3.5The Vesperpool Cape
Bizarre Barramundi14000030180Barramundi Innards2Daurell Stills
Black Barrelfish500001615Barrelfish Mucus1.5Galdin Shoals, Caem Shore
Bronze Lucian Carp70000034450Lucian Carp Fillet1.6Saxham Reservoir
Butterfly Bluegill500002440Bluegill Fin1.3The Vesperpool Norther Bank
Callatein Brook Trout700002580Trout Fillet1.6River WennathBurrower: Green SandwormmornsunnyWhiskers: Chocolatemorncloudy, rainy
Cascade Dace25000810Dace Scales1.2Myrlwood Falls
Cave Dace25000810Dace Scales1.3Daurell Stills
Cherrycomb Trout400001815Trout Fillet1.2River WennathWhiskers: Crystaldaysunny
Chipped Bluegill20000810Bluegill Scale1.1Malacchi Pond, Forgotten Pool, Rachsia Bridge
Chrome Rainbow Trout8000030100Trout Fillet1.8River Wennath, Myrlwood FallsHot Breather: Blue Dragonevngsunny, cloudy, rainy
Cleigne Brown Trout (big)800002435Trout Fillet1.9The Maidenwater, Myrlwood FallsBurrower: Mad Pink SandwormevngrainyBurrower: Abyss Wormmorn, nitecloudy
Cleigne Brown Trout (small)300001435Trout Fillet1.2The Maidenwater, Myrlwood FallsBurrower: Mad Pink SandwormevngrainyBurrower: Abyss Wormmorn, nitecloudy
Cloudy Lucian Carp75000038600Lucian Carp Rowscales1.6Saxham Reservoir
Coeurl Dace32000810Dace Scales1.3The Vesperpool Cape
Copper Allural Sea Bass24000028120Allural Sea Bass Fillet2.4Galdin Shoals, Caem ShoreWhiskers: Chocolatemorncloudy, rainy
Coral Allural Sea Bass2300002475Allural Sea Bass Fillet3.2Furgola Canal, San Elio PlazaWhiskers: Crystaldaysunny
Crag Barramundi500002230Barramundi Fillet1.6Neeglyss Towerfront, Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere, The Vesperpool East BankSweet Jamming: Custardmorn, evngcloudyTidal Might Leviathanmorn, day, evng, nitesunny, cloudy, rainyBomber: Ice Bombdaycloudy, rainyRanker Tonberryday, evngsunny, cloudy, rainy
Crimson Trevally2800002250Trevally Fin3Galdin Shoals
Cygillan Grouper16000026100Grouper Skin2.1Galdin Shoals, Caem Shore
Cygillan Sea Bass (big)800002650Sea Bass Fillet1.7Gondola Marina, Furgola CanalStormer: Focalorday, nitecloudyStormer: Chert Focalordaysunny
Cygillan Sea Bass (small)400001810Sea Bass Fillet1.2Gondola Marina, Furgola CanalStormer: Focalorday, nitecloudyStormer: Chert Focalordaysunny
Dank Barramundi575001415Dank Barramundi Fillet1.2Neeglyss Towerfront, Archaean's MirrorBomber: Thunder Bombmorn, evngsunny
Dark Allural Sea Bass12000026160Sea Bass Fillet1.8Caem ShoreDeadly Waters: CoraldevilmorncloudyBig Blaze Bahamutmorn, day, evngsunny, cloudy, rainy
Dawn Lucian Carp85000038600Lucian Carp Rowscales2Crestholm Reservoir
Dread Grouper100000032650Grouper Fin2.6Vannath Coast
Duscaen Dace10000810Dace Scales1.1Crestholm Reservoir, Saxham Reservoir
Dusk Lucian Carp74000034450Lucian Carp Fillet2.2Saxham Reservoir
Fan Bluegill400001625Bluegill Fin1.3The Vesperpool West Bank, he Vesperpool Northern Bank
Galdin Trevally600002215Trevally Fillet1.1Vannath CoastSweet Jamming: Flanevngsunny
Garnet Snakehead600002040Snakehead Teeth1.7Daurell Spring, The Vesperpool West BankPoppeck: Red Chocoboevng, nitecloudyJumbo Tusk: Garulamorn, nitecloudy
Giant Catfish55000034240Catfish Heart3.4The Vesperpool Northern Bank, The Vesperpool Cape
Giant Trevally (big)750002460Trevally Fillet2.3Vannath CoastPoppeck: Chocoboday, evngsunnyTidal Might Leviathanmorn, day, evng, nitesunny, cloudy, rainy
Giant Trevally (small)450001410Trevally Fillet1Vannath CoastPoppeck: Chocoboday, evngsunnyTidal Might Leviathanmorn, day, evng, nitesunny, cloudy, rainy
Glimmering Bluegill300001015Bluegill Scale1.2The Vesperpool West Bank, The Vesperpool East Bank
Glowing Barrelfish350001010Barrelfish Scales1.1Vannath CoastSweet Jamming: Moussemorn, nitesunnyFatal Roulette: Floating Eyemorn, nitecloudy
Gold Lucian Carp720000481000Lucian Carp Reverscales1.8#N/A
Golden Catfish10000030120Catfish Barbel1.7The Vesperpool East Bank, The Vesperpool West BankNeedle 1,000: Gold Cactuarniterainy
Great Nebula Salmon1600002450Nebula Salmon Fillet3.2The Maidenwater
Grim Catfish1500003580Poisonous Catfish Fin2Archaean's Mirror
Hookhorn Bluegill140001215Bluegill Scale1.3Forgotten Pool, Archaean's Mirror
Horned Bluegill10000510Bluegill Scale1Crestholm Reservoir, Neeglyss Towerfront, Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond
Jade Snakehead700002485Snakehead Scales1.9Daurell Spring, The Vesperpool East BankStinker: Great Malboroday, evng, nitecloudy, rainyGiant Needle 10,000: Gigantuar0sunnyGiant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuarmorn, day, evng, nitesunny, cloudy, rainyJumbo Tusk: Green Garulamorn, day, nitesunny, rainy
King Catfish45000035500Catfish Heart2.5Neeglyss Pond, SwainsmereInvincible Iron Giantniterainy
King Trout12000032180King Trout Fillet3.2The Vesperpool IsletHot Breather: Green Dragonmorn, daycloudy
Lambent Trout500002015Trout Scales2.2Forgotten Pool, Myrlwood Falls
Leopard Trout1000002215Trout Scales2.4The Vesperpool Islet
Lotus Bluegill150002025Bluegill Scale1.3The Vesperpool East Bank, The Vesperpool Northern Bank
Lucian Carp69000034450Lucian Carp Fillet1.5Crestholm Reservoir, Saxham ReservoirFatal Roulette: Ahrimandaysunny, cloudy
Lucian Catfish500001620Catfish Barbel1.2Neeglyss Towerfront, Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere, Malacchi PondNeedle 1,000: CactuarevngrainyNeedle 1,000: Metal Cactuarmorn, nitesunny
Lucinian Sea Bass1000002695Sea Bass Fillet2.4Gondola Marina, San Elio PlazaKnife T. TonberryevngrainyStormer: Purple Berry Focalorevngrainy
Lurking Catfish2000003880Poisonous Catfish Fin2.8Daurell Stills
Maiden Brook Trout400002015Trout Fillet1.3The Maidenwater, Myrlwood FallsDeadly Waters: Seadevilevngcloudy
Marble Lucian Carp70000038600Lucian Carp Rowscales1.7Saxham Reservoir
Mighty Barramundi38000034550Mighty Barramundi Fillet3.6The Vesperpool Cape
Morion Trout900002675Morion Trout Scales2.6Myrlwood Falls
Mud Dace12500810Dace Scales1.2Malacchi Pond
Murk Grouper90000035600Murk Grouper Eye2.4Vannath CoastBurrower: Abyss Wormmorn, nitecloudy
Nebula Salmon800002655Nebula Salmon Fillet2.2Rachsia Bridge, The MaidenwaterHot Breather: Green Dragonmorn, daycloudyHot Breather: Blue Dragonevngsunny, cloudy, rainyKnife T. TonberryevngrainyBig Blaze Bahamutmorn, day, evngsunny, cloudy, rainy
Noble Arapaima1100000441000Arapaima Scales2.3The Vesperpool East Bank
Opal Snakehead30000032150Snakehead Scales3.2Daurell Stills
Pale Dace18000810Dace Scales1.5Rachsia Bridge
Panther Bass650002240Bass Teeth1.9The Vesperpool West Bank, The Vesperpool Cape, Daurell Spring, The Vesperpool East Bank
Phantom Snakehead800001815Snakehead Teeth2
Phoenix Bass650002070Phoenix Bass Bladder1.8Daurell Spring
Pigeon Grouper3000002275Grouper Bones2.3San Elio PlazaBomber: Thunder Bombmorn, evngsunnyFatal Roulette: Bloody Eyeevngrainy
Pink Jade Gar30000040800Jade Gar Mirrorscale5.4Daurell Spring
Platinum Myrltrout10000032200Platinum Myrltrout Fillet3.3Myrlwood FallsBig Master Typhonmorn, evngcloudy, rainy
Rainbow Trout (big)500002210Trout Fillet1.8Forgotten Pool, River Wennath, The MaidenwaterGemlight: Caster Carbuncleday, evng, nitecloudy, rainy
Rainbow Trout (small)300001610Trout Fillet1Forgotten Pool, River Wennath, The MaidenwaterTidal Might Leviathanmorn, day, evng, nitesunny, cloudy, rainyWhiskers: Pearly Moogleevng, niterainy
Red Barrelfish400001815Barrelfish Mucus1.3Gondola MarinaTidal Might Leviathanmorn, day, evng, nitesunny, cloudy, rainyWhiskers: Pearly Moogleevng, niterainy
Redeye Bass5000028100Bass Eye1.7Archaean's Mirror, Daurell Spring
Reef Trevally12000028120Trevally Scales2.1Vannath Coast
Regal Arapaima130000048900Large Arapaima Scales3.5The Vesperpool Norther Bank
Regal Dace440000810Dace Scales2Saxham Reservoir
Risorath Peacock Bass1300002270Bass Teeth2.1The Vesperpool Norther Bank
River Dace16000810Dace Scales1.5The Maidenwater
Rock Barramundi700002680Spiny Barramundi Fin2Galdin Shoals
Sandy Dace26000810Dace Scales1.4River Wennath
Sapphire Snakehead9000030140Snakehead Scales2.1The Vesperpool East Bank, The Vesperpool West BankStinker: Great Malboroday, evng, nitecloudy, rainyGiant Needle 10,000: Metal Gigantuarmorn, evngcloudyGiant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuarmorn, day, evng, nitesunny, cloudy, rainy
Scorpion Grouper70000032380Grouper Skin2.6Gondola Marina(night)
Shorthorn Bluegill120001215Bluegill Scale1.2Neeglyss Towerfront, Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere, Forgotten Pool
Silver Lucian Carp73000038600Lucian Carp Rowscales1.6Saxham Reservoir
Snakehead500001815Snakehead Teeth1.3Saxham Reservoir, Daurell SpringPoppeck: White Chocobomorn, dayrainy
Specular Dace15000810Dace Scales1.3Forgotten Pool
Spiked Alstor Bass500002015Alstor Bass Bones1.8Malacchi Pond, Daurell Spring
Spotted Catfish650003070Catfish Mucus1.8Forgotten Pool, Saxham Reservoir
Spotted Devil Gar60000038650Devil Gar Fillet2.7The Vesperpool Islet
Striped Barramundi10000030180Barramundi Fillet2Caem ShoreStormer: Focalorday, nitecloudyStormer: Purple Berry FocalorevngrainyStormer: Chert Focalordaysunny
Striped Catfish600002440Catfish Mucus1.4Archaean's Mirror, Daurell Spring
Sunny Lucian Carp74000038600Lucian Carp Rowscales1.7Saxham Reservoir
Sunrise Lucian Carp72000038600Lucian Carp Rowscales1.8Saxham Reservoir
Sunset Lucian Carp73000034450Lucian Carp Fillet2.5The Vesperpool Islet
Tide Grouper18000032400Tide Grouper Fillet2.7Caem Shore, Gondola MarinaRanker Tonberryday, evngsunny, cloudy, rainyHot Breather: Red DragonniterainyKnife T. TonberryevngrainyBig Blaze Bahamutmorn, day, evngsunny, cloudy, rainy
Vesper Barramundi2000002640Spiny Barramundi Fin2.1The Vesperpool Islet
Vesper Dace21000810Dace Scales1.3The Vesperpool Cape, The Vesperpool Northern Bank
Vesper Gar18000030300Vesper Gar Fillet3.5The Vesperpool East BankStinker: Malboroevngsunny, rainyStinker: MalbodoommorncloudyRanker Tonberryday, evngsunny, cloudy, rainy
Wennath Dace28000810Dace Scales1.5Rachsia Bridge
Wennath Salmon10000032220Wennath Salmon Fillet2.5Rachsia BridgeHot Breather: Red Dragonniterainy
Zipper Barramundi600002675Zipper Barramundi Fillet1.9Rachsia BridgeDeadly Waters: Sahaginevng, niterainy
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Game : Final Fantasy 15
Game Developer : Square Enix
Game Producer : Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV Fishing GuideEnroute to wed his fiancée Luna on a road trip with his best friends, Prince Noctis is advised by news reports that his homeland has been invaded and taken over under the false pretense of a peace treaty – and that he, his loved one and his father King Regis, have been slain at the hands of the enemy.

To gather the strength needed to uncover the truth and reclaim his homeland, Noctis and his loyal companions must overcome a series of challenges in a spectacular open world – that is filled with larger-than-life creatures, amazing wonders, diverse cultures and treacherous foes.

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