Dark Souls 3 Class Selector

Dark Souls 3 Class Selector Instructions Here :

Inspired by /u/Last-Man-Standing
Attunement stats from /u/Glensather

Instructions for the Dark Souls 3 Class Selector :

  • Edit the white numbers to match your desired build’s stats.
  • The spreadsheet calculates the most optimal class for you. An orange boarder will appear around below the optimal class for your build.

How does this work? The spreadsheet calculates the final stats for each different class, based on your desired build, and then calculates the Soul Level (SL) for each class. The spreadsheet declares the class with the lowest SL the most optimal.

Please comment below or email us if you have any suggestions to improve this calculator, or for building one for another purpose.

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YouTube Links:

SunlightBlade’s Review of DS3 Starting Classes

Attribute Explanation

Attribute Determines Increases
Vigor Health / Hit points Frost Resistance
Attunement Attunement (spell) slots Focus Power
Endurance Stamina Lightning Resistance, Bleed Resistance
Vitality Equipement Load Physical Defence, Poison Resistance
Strength ‘strength’ weapons (eg. clubs,hammers,axes), heavy armer, greatshields Attack Strength, Fire Resistance
Dexterity ‘dexterity’ weapons (eg. spears, curved swords, bows, daggers) Spellcasting Time, Falling Damage
Intelligence Sorceries and Pyromancies Spell Potency, Magic Defence
Faith Miracles and Pyromancies Spell Potency, Dark Defence
Luck Item Discovery Bleed and Poison capabilities, Curse Resistance

Dark Souls 3 Class SelectorGame : Dark Souls 3
Game Developer : From Software
Game Publisher : Namco Bandai Entertainment

Dark Souls 3 concludes the Dark Souls trilogy, bringing players back into the haunted landscapes and supreme challenges associated with the series.

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