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Pokemon Go News

New information for the game, Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Adventurous Event Releases Shiny Omanyte Omastar Kabuto Kabutops and Aerodactyl

In today’s update from Niantic, the Pokemon Go Adventurous Event has released the following shiny Pokemon : Omanyte Omastar – through evolution Kabuto Kabutops – through evolution Aerodactyl – from a field task We have now incorporated this into our Pokemon Go Pokemon Releases page. Special thanks to /u/cevoorn, /u/alazz, and /u/XJamie3X for being …

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Pokemon Go May Community Day Updates

Another Community Day has now concluded for Pokemon Go, and we already updated the following content:     Legacy Moves : ‘Blast Burn’ for Charizard Pokemon Releases: Shiny Charmander and Charizard Special congratulations to /u/JorgeEvil and /u/rage1212 for being the first trainers to submit screen captures confirming the shiny releases.

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Pokemon Go Smack Down and Blast Burn Added to GM

We knew they were coming, and today Niantic’s Pokemon Go added the moves ‘Smack Down’ and ‘Blast Burn’ Added to Game_Master file. The numerical information associated with these moves has now been identified. Here are screencaps of the information for your viewing pleasure: Smack Down Blast Burn You can view …

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Pokemon Releases Updated With Icons

After much work and organization, we are today launching Pokemon icons for our Pokemon Releases webpage.   We have implemented a graphical way to illustrate each released Pokemon that will only add minimal resources when viewing from your favorite browser. With special thanks the ZeChrales for providing the base files, we have …

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