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Pokemon Go News

New information for the game, Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Mimikyu Hat Added to GM

It’s been in the APK, but today Niantic added the avatar hat for Mimikyu in the second Game Master (GM) released today.     See it’s inclusion here in the following images.   Also revised in today’s GM, the buddy distances have all been halved for the current Halloween Event.

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Pokemon Go Gen 3 Listed in Game Master

Today Niantic has included form descriptions and spawn definitions for the upcoming Generation 3 set in the Game Master for the first time.  The remaining information before Gen 3 Pokemon will be released is their abilities and moves.   Here is a sample of what has been added today : …

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Pokemon Go Super Incubator

We heard it was coming, and today Niantic has incorporated the Pokemon Go Super Incubator into the Game Master file.       You will see it will have the typical 3 users, but the ‘distance multiplier’ is 2/3rds, meaning that you’ll be able to hatch eggs at a reduced distance! …

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