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Jurassic World Adds Diprotodon Uintatherium

Today, Ludia added the Diprotodon and Uintatherium assets to the Cenozoic Park in Jurassic World. Check out it’s stats on our Cenozoic Assets Stats page. Special thanks to MastoDonKnotts for submitting the screencap to the Discord channel, and picking up 180 Battle Credits (12 stats * 15)

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New Flying and Dragon Hoenn Pokemon Released

 Find all the release information of the new Flying and Dragon-type Pokemon released yesterday in Pokemon Go organized and sortable on our ‘Pokemon Releases’ page. (Simply select “18-02-09” from the ‘Date’ filter if you want to isolate them!) Namely, this includes the following Pokemon: TAILLOW SWELLOW WINGULL PELIPPER SURSKIT MASQUERAIN PLUSLE …

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Altaria and Rayquaza Adjusted in GM

In today’s adjustment to the Game_Master, Altaria and Ryquaza had the following adjustments:   Altaria cylinder-ground decreased from 1.2 to 0.6 Rayquaza Cylinder-Ground decreased from 1 to 0.3 A movement type of ‘Flying’ is now assigned.

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