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Jurassic World Adds Pachygalosaurus

Today Ludia added another asset to the main park in Jurassic World; the Pachygalosaurus. This Legendary hybrid combines the Pachyrhinosaurus and Megalosaurus to create the strongest attacking carnivore yet!   Check out it’s fiercesome stats on our Dino Creature Statistics page.

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Pokemon Go Sky Attack Move Increased In GM

We knew it was coming, and now we know that Lugia’s ‘Sky Attack’ move has increased in power from 70 to 80. Check it out in the image to the left. We will be updating our Attack Values soon to reflect this change.

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Pokemon Go Lugia Raid Battle Event

Starting tomorrow and lasting until April 2nd, the Legendary Pokémon Lugia will return to Raid Battles in Pokémon GO. We’ve added this new information to our Pokemon Releases page for your tracking.

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Pokemon Go Legacy Moves Updated

Special thanks /u/FentEmAll for providing February 17, 2017 information to the Pokemon Go Legacy Moves that we were missing. Collaboration with the community helps make our content the most comprehensive and accurate.

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Jurassic World Tournament Introduces Acanthostega

        In this weeks battle tournament, Ludia introduces a new amphibian asset to the main park; the Acanthostega. Thanks to Burn on our Discord channel, we’ve already started collecting the Level 40 stats here. Submit screen caps of the remaining information that is missing, and get Battle …

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