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Pokemon Go Unown Releases

As our Pokemon Go Releases page continues to grow, the time has come to reallocate some of the information to keep it responding as quickly as possible and organized. Pokemon Go Unown Releases has been created to focus on the continual releases of this special Pokemon in all 28 forms. …

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Pokemon Go Larvitar Community Day

Pokemon Go Larvitar Community Day has just ended, featuring the addition of a shiny Larvitar, Pupitar, and Tyranitar.  The Tyranitar also featured the exclusive move Smack Down.   We’ve updated the following charts to reflect this information: Pokemon Releases Legacy Moves  

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Pokemon Go Water Festival 2018

Today Niantic announced the launch of it’s latest event, the Water Festival 2018!  With this event comes the release of a Shiny Shellder, and Shiny Kyogre from a Raid Battle. We’ve already updated the information in our Pokemon Go Pokemon Releases webpage for your reference. Congratulations to /u/Kelven91 for being …

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Pokemon Go Alolan Exeggutor Added

Shortly after releasing statistical information for the first Alolan Pokemon into the Game_Master file, Niantic launched the availability of the new Alolan Exeggutor.  This coincides in celebration with the announcements of Pokemon: Let’s Go games coming to Nintendo Switch in November 2018. Check out the Pokemon Go Alolan Exeggutor in …

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Pokemon Go Adventurous Event Releases Shiny Omanyte Omastar Kabuto Kabutops and Aerodactyl

In today’s update from Niantic, the Pokemon Go Adventurous Event has released the following shiny Pokemon : Omanyte Omastar – through evolution Kabuto Kabutops – through evolution Aerodactyl – from a field task We have now incorporated this into our Pokemon Go Pokemon Releases page. Special thanks to /u/cevoorn, /u/alazz, and /u/XJamie3X for being …

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