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It’s Back! Jurassic World Simple Damage Calculator

There was a request to bring back the simple damage calculator that we were the first to offer on the web. We created a much more sophisticated calculator, but sometimes there’s a need for something quick and dirty to get the job done.  Check it out here.

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Pokemon Go Move Sets Legacy Info

We saw several requests, and have updated the move sets with the info from the 0.57.2GAME_MASTER, Timestamp:1487194183765 (released Feb. 15, 2017). Spoiler: There are no legacy moves from 0.53.1. Enjoy!

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Pokemon Go Expands

Niantic is releasing over 80 new Pokemon. We’ve updated our Max CP and HP stats here. (For those technically informed, we used 0.57.2GAME_MASTER info Timestamp: 1487194183765  released today)  

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Jurassic World New Cenozoic Creatures!

Today, Ludia has released 7 new Cenozoic Creatures! Andrewsarchus Elasmotherium Entelodon Indricotherium Phorusrhacos Sarkastodon Smilodon. Check out their main stats here!

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