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Pokemon Go Move Sets Max CP Best DPS

The community asked for it, and we’ve responded. We’ve now added Max CP and Best DPS stats for the various moves on Pokemon Go. Check it out here! Thank you for your valuable suggestions!

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It’s Back! Jurassic World Simple Damage Calculator

There was a request to bring back the simple damage calculator that we were the first to offer on the web. We created a much more sophisticated calculator, but sometimes there’s a need for something quick and dirty to get the job done.  Check it out here.

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Pokemon Go Move Sets Legacy Info

We saw several requests, and have updated the move sets with the info from the 0.57.2GAME_MASTER, Timestamp:1487194183765 (released Feb. 15, 2017). Spoiler: There are no legacy moves from 0.53.1. Enjoy!

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Pokemon Go Expands

Niantic is releasing over 80 new Pokemon. We’ve updated our Max CP and HP stats here. (For those technically informed, we used 0.57.2GAME_MASTER info Timestamp: 1487194183765  released today)  

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Jurassic World New Cenozoic Creatures!

Today, Ludia has released 7 new Cenozoic Creatures! Andrewsarchus Elasmotherium Entelodon Indricotherium Phorusrhacos Sarkastodon Smilodon. Check out their main stats here!

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