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Pokemon Go Zapdos Day Update

Pokemon Go 180721 Shiny_Zapdos Thunder_Shock

During yesterday’s Zapdos Day, Niantic also released the first legendary Pokemon to have a legacy move; the quick move, Thunder Shock.   Special thanks to /u/MessiahX’s wife for being the first person to post a screen capture publicly. We have immortalized the proof of this ‘holy grail’ (a shiny legendary with …

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Jurassic World Alive Dinosaur Moves Added

  There’s been interest from the community to be able to compare all the dinosaur moves in Jurassic World Alive; even the future moves not yet available.   We’ve are now providing a convenient chart that can be filtered and sorted according to the following criteria: availability delay damage multiplier …

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Pokemon Go Marowak Alola Raichu Alola Introduced

  As part of the changes to the Raid Bosses in Pokemon Go, Niantic has release two new Pokemon; the Marowak Alola, and  Raichu Alola.   Special congratulations to /u/Shedinjx and /u/dentgage for being the first people to publicly post this information. Their efforts have been immortalized in our Pokemon Go Releases …

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Jurassic World Gillicus Added

The Jurassic World Gillicus Tournament is now over, and the Cave-Aquatic creature is available to those that finished in the Dominator League. Check out it’s stats and how it compares to other Cave Aquatic creatures.

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Pokemon Go Fest 2018 Additions

  Pokemon Go Fest 2018 in Chicago is now over, and there were many new additions to the game worldwide as well as those attending the event.   Alolan versions of Diglet, Dugtrio, Geodude, Graveler and Golem were released, a shiny Lugia was available, Celebi was released to the attendees, …

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