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Pokemon Go Changes to July 28 Game Master

There have been 258 Pokemon Go Changes to July 28 Game Master since the July 25 file. From previous to new, they are : RETURNED INCUBATOR DISTANCE MULTIPLIERS item_id: ITEM_INCUBATOR_BASIC distance_multiplier: 0.33 distance_multiplier: 1 item_id: ITEM_INCUBATOR_BASIC_UNLIMITED distance_multiplier: 0.33 distance_multiplier: 1 ADDED BASE CAPTURE RATES pokemon_id: MEWTWO base_capture_rate: 0.02 pokemon_id: RAIKOU …

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Free Pokemon Sun Moon Promo Code

Battle Calculator is excited to offer a free promo code to anyone that follows or retweets this notice @BattleCalculatr to receive your personal code! This offer is valid until July 27, so be sure to respond quickly while quantities last!

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Pokemon Go Best Attackers Calculator

Battle Calculator has teamed up with /u/vashtye to bring you a tool to determine the “best” attackers and move sets with what you have and identify new uses against specific types. Check it out here:

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Battle Calculator Welcomes New CCO!

Battle Calculator is please to announce the recent engagement of Mike as the new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). As CCO, Mike will be an Executive ensuring the commercial success of the organization with duties related to marketing, brand development, and project management. Join us in welcoming Mike, and contact him …

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