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Pokemon Go Legacy Move added to January 12 Game Master

The following revisions have been made to the January 12th Game Master (GM) file by Niantic in Pokemon Go: (The following illustrations have the Jan. 4th GM is on the left side, and Jan. 12th GM is on the right.) Loudred’s ‘Cinematic’ move changes from “Crunch” to “Stomp”  (This is …

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Pokemon Go Special Pikachu Event and Kyogre

Today Niantic has made two significant announcements about the release of special and legendary Pokemon: Community Day will start January 20, 2018 Kyogre is now available in Raid battles till February 14, 2018 Check out our Pokemon Go pages for these updates.

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Pokemon Go Legacy Moves Added

Battle Calculator is pleased to provide it’s latest information for Pokemon Go; a Legacy Moves chart. This is unique as it takes the following criteria into account: the prior date you must have captured the Pokemon whether the Pokemon was available for capture whether the move was available server-side (and not solely …

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Pokemon Go Changes to Caterpie Metapod Delibird Kyogre

There are Pokemon Go changes to Caterpie Metapod Delibird Kyogre in today’s Game Master. (The following illustrations have the previous GM is on the left side, and today’s GM is on the right.) Caterpie now has a ‘jump time’   Metapod lost it’s ‘jump time’    Delibird lost it’s “Ice …

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Pokemon Release Availability Added

In addition to tracking the changes to the Game_Master, Battle Calculator is taking action from community requests to track the actual availability of Pokemon. Pokemon Go ‘Pokemon Releases’ quickly provides the latest information on what and when Pokemon became available for capture. This tells you what Pokemon are currently available, …

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