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New Spawns for Castform and Deoxys

In today’s Game_Master release for Pokemon Go, Castform and Deoxys has been given new spawns. Castform   Normal Rainy Snowy Sunny Deoxys  Attack Defense Normal Speed We will update our Max CP HP page soon for your comparison of these new spawns.

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Pokemon Go Gym Badge Progress Update

You asked for it, and we responded. Our Pokemon Go Gym Badge Progress Checker now has the ability to track your progress at work towards completing your gym badges. You can even enter notes about each tracked gym! Special thanks to Angela and PlatinumT6 for suggesting and encouraging this upgrade …

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Pokemon Go Jogger Gloves Unlock Badge Level Change

After the new avatar accessories were added yesterday in Pokemon Go, Niantic has revised the ‘unlock badge level’ for the Jogger’s gloves from 50 to 10. (In the provided image of the Game_Master, yesterday’s release is on the left, and today’s is on the right.) Check out our Pokemon Go …

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New Avatar Accessories In Pokemon Go

In an update to the Game_Master in Pokemon Go today, the following avatar accessories have been added:     Battle Girl gloves, 50 bronze pants, 200 Silver shirt, 220 Gold  shoes, 50 Silver  Jogger glasses, 160 Bronze  gloves, 50 Bronze  hat, 100 Bronze  pants, 200 Silver  shirt, 220 Gold  shoes, …

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Pokemon Go Releases Updated

We have just updated our Pokemon Go ‘Pokemon Releases’ page to include a “Status” filter; allowing you to toggle which Pokemon are available ‘Worldwide’, ‘Regional’, or ‘not available’. And for those of you collectors, we have also included the ‘Special’ Pokemon (eg. Pikachu’s different hats) in the list. Check it …

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