Jurassic World

Jurassic World adds Thylacosmilus

Ludia has added a new asset to the Cenozoic park, the Thylacosmilus. Check out it’s base stats and how it compares to other Cenozoic assets here.  Be the first person to submit screen captures of the missing information, and obtain credit.

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Jurassic World Adds Gastornis Tournament

This weekend’s tournament from Ludia’s Jurassic World is for a new Cenozoic asset; the Gastornis. Check out how it compares to the other assets here, or from the full list here. Be the first one to provide us the missing stats, and get your name immortalized with the credit.

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Jurassic World Has A New Pack

Jurassic World Has A New Pack. For the first time Ludia has included a ‘Sequencing Pack’ that guarantees DNA in every pack. And the best part, it costs game cash and not real money! It expires August 28th, so get them while you can.

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