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Jurassic World

Jurassic World Eolambia Added

Attention all Park Managers; today in Jurassic World the Eolambia was added as a new asset. This legendary herbivore is only available as a VIP purchase for 20000 points. Check out how it ranks on our Jurassic World Creature Stats page. Thanks to benutrece for being the first to submit …

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Jurassic World Adds Pachygalosaurus

Today Ludia added another asset to the main park in Jurassic World; the Pachygalosaurus. This Legendary hybrid combines the Pachyrhinosaurus and Megalosaurus to create the strongest attacking carnivore yet!   Check out it’s fiercesome stats on our Dino Creature Statistics page.

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Jurassic World Tournament Introduces Acanthostega

        In this weeks battle tournament, Ludia introduces a new amphibian asset to the main park; the Acanthostega. Thanks to Burn on our Discord channel, we’ve already started collecting the Level 40 stats here. Submit screen caps of the remaining information that is missing, and get Battle …

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Jurassic World Adds Diprotodon Uintatherium

Today, Ludia added the Diprotodon and Uintatherium assets to the Cenozoic Park in Jurassic World. Check out it’s stats on our Cenozoic Assets Stats page. Special thanks to¬†MastoDonKnotts for submitting the screencap to the Discord channel, and picking up 180 Battle Credits (12 stats * 15)

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