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Battle Rewards

Battle RewardsBattle Calculator is proud to introduce the following merchandise for redeeming your Battle Credits, or purchase.



Official Battle Merchandise

Produced by Shining Sheep Embroidery Inc.


Item Description Battle Credits / Cost
Battle Calculator Unit_Badge embroidered embroidered Unit Badge – 3″
Battle Calculator keychain 2-sided keychain
Battle Calculator Magnet Magnet, 2-1/4″
Battle Calculator Pin_Large Button Pin, 2-1/4″
Battle Calculator Pin_Small Small Button Pin, 1-1/2″

Battle T-Shirts

Battle Calculator TShirt One_Sided Black
One_Sided Black
Battle Calculator TShirt One_Sided Dark_Heather
One_Sided Dark_Heather
Battle Calculator TShirt One_Sided Royal_Blue
One_Sided Royal_Blue
Battle Calculator TShirt One_Sided Asphalt
One_Sided Asphalt



Battle Calculator TShirt Two_Sided_Front Black
Two_Sided_Front Black
Battle Calculator TShirt Two_Sided_Back Heather_Blue
Two_Sided_Back Heather_Blue
Battle Calculator TShirt Two_Sided_Front Heather_Blue
Two_Sided_Front Heather_Blue








  • Full Body Print T-Shirts – coming soon!


Exclusive Rewards for Contributors

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Battle Calculator Chevron Tier_1 embroidered Battle Calculator Chevron Tier_2 embroidered Battle Calculator Chevron Tier_3 embroidered



And let us know about any other merchandise you would be interested in having in the comments below.


‘Battle Rewards’ Rules and Conditions:

  • Merchandise is subject to availability, and terms of the distributor.
  • Redeeming Battle Credits will be translated at 100 Battle Credits = $1.00 USD, and must cover the entire purchase including shipping and handling costs. We will attempt to apply free shipping where available. Use the distributors website (Eg. Amazon.com) to determine the total costs.
  • Battle Calculator reserves the right to interpret and modify the ‘Rules and Conditions’ as necessary.

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