Deadwalk : The Last War

The following pages will assist you in various battles and statistical information.

Soldier Statistical Data
RSS (Resources) Guide
Boss Battle Guide
Battle Calculator
PVE Chapter 1 Battle Guide
PVE Chapter 2 Battle Guide
PVE Chapter 3 Battle Guide
PVE Chapter 4 Battle Guide
PVE Chapter 5 Battle Guide

Game : Deadwalk : The Last War
Game Developer : QJ Games
Deadwalk : The Last War

This is Deadwalk: The Last War! Battle against zombies to survive, or be torn apart by the walking dead. Harness the powers of Ancient Gods and SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE! In this post-apocalyptic world, declare war on Zombies! The fittest will survive and rule this broken world. 100+ GODS and HEROES ranging from Zeus to Hades will be revived to assist you and help you prevail in this Zombie World War!