About Us

BattleCalculator.com is a quickly expanding repository of current and accurate information for video games in the area of combat efficiency. We select newly released games to explore, and report the critical information to maximize the player’s assets.  Our information is easily accessible and retrievable on a variety of platforms. While we don’t host spoiler-type information, we believe that supplemental tools add to a meaningful experience.

Started only in 2014, BattleCalculator.com is continually growing and gaining recognition amongst gamers. We rely on the community engaged within a specific game to identify and suggest a supplemental tool or information. The community is canvased for participants to assist in fulfilling the request in a prompt and accurate way. Where additional assistance is needed (eg. programmers), BattleCalculator.com procures expert consultants and ensures a quality product is produced.

Each tool or source of information is designed to be :

  • easy to understand and use,
  • requiring minimal resources, and fast to load,
  • focused on being accessible on mobile devices.

Battle Calculator is an outlet for the gaming community. Recognition to the contributors of the community is always emphasized, and we seek to establish collaboration where there can be synergistic benefits. If there is a game you would like to be included, or if you would like to be part of the Team, please email us at admin@battlecalculator.com