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Pokemon Go Fest 2018 Additions

  Pokemon Go Fest 2018 in Chicago is now over, and there were many new additions to the game worldwide as well as those attending the event.   Alolan versions of Diglet, Dugtrio, Geodude, Graveler and Golem were released, a shiny Lugia was available, Celebi was released to the attendees, …

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Jurassic World Alive Utarinex Move Change

The Utarinex has had it’s Critical Impact move replaced with a new special move called High Counter-Attack in Jurassic World Alive. The first-time offered move features a 40% increase of critical attack and deals out 1.5x damage. Special thanks go out to /u/teachua79 for being the first person to report this …

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Pokemon Go July Community Day Updates

The Pokemon Go July Community Day event featuring Squirtle is now over, and we’ve made our updates. Check out the shiny versions with sunglasses on our Pokemon Go Releases page. The exclusive move for Blastoise, Hydro Cannon, has also been charged on our Pokemon Go Legacy Moves page.

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